1. Many memories of working and travelling with Alan over the years, especially from the year spent in Trinidad in 2005. Travelling around the island with Alan driving bare foot and some great times with the families. Our thoughts are with Rene and the boys at this time.

  2. My lasting memory of Alan was meeting up with him in the Paddington office to catch up on Kiwi stuff …him attired in TShirt shorts and jandals! Cheers Julian Morris

  3. Such great fond memories of Alan at Otago University . Great friend of my brothers Tim .Me being the little sister . So much fun with that infectious laugh. Loved spending time with Rene and Alan also our time in London in the early 1990s. Lots of love from John and Mandy Barclay x

  4. I will remember Alan as a kind soul, someone who make you feel welcome and was willing to listen without making any assumptions. He truly was concern about others and it brought always a bright side of the situation. Alan positive aptitude was something everybody value together with his sense of humor. We all missing him and his fantastic smile around. My condolences to Rene and her children

  5. As has been said by other colleagues and friends, I found Alan to be a kind and considerate friend. Above all though I will remember Alan for his cutting sense of humour, which I could always rely on to cheer up my day.

  6. What a beautiful soul you have Alan. Close to 35 years ago we met. Bruce & I knew Rene at architecture school. I don’t think you knew quite what to make of these two gay boys but you never showed any unease and soon the four of us couldn’t be closer. Was it you or Rene who introduced us to Wendy Wild? It was a gift either way as we flatted with Wendo for years – a special friend she became. On your trips back to Auckland you’d always make time to see us for dinner or a drink. You had stock phrases that would send us into stitches – ‘how rude’ you’d say with that special affectation. Or, ‘anyone for hot drinks?’ It was part of your special humour. And then there was your generosity, putting up with dragged out architectural conversations but having a lovely way of staying curious and engaged when it must have been plain boring. So so sad to lose you this early. Goodness, even at the distance of London life feels that much smaller. With Rene you’ve brought three beautiful boys into the world and your presence will be plainly with us. In the meantime, I think you and Bruce will be kicking up a stir some place. Go you lovely man xxx

  7. I have so many happy memories of Alan after first meeting him through my dear friend Rene. Alan and I flatted together for two years in 1984 and 1985 in Kingsland, Auckland and he was the perfect person to be young and silly with. We laughed at everything! Happy memories of him taking me to the supermarket on his motorbike and precarious trips home, balancing the groceries. The strange neighbour we called Mr Chant, and the stray cat we named Chester. And Damien, the goat who lived next door. I remember the poster on his wall of “Fog, Hawkes Bay” by Rita Angus. Alan and Scott tried to teach me how to smoke cigarettes – and failed. Alan’s exuberance caused many impromptu dinners out and injudicious champagne consumption.
    Clark and I are so thankful we had unforgettable lunches in London with Rene and Alan over the past few years, these memories are doubly precious now.

    Vale Alan, with love and gratitude.
    Robyn xx

  8. I first worked for Alan 20 years ago just after I graduated. I admit to initially being fearful of his cutting wit but over the years Alan and I became trusted colleagues and friends.

    Alan could be serious in work but outside he would never miss an opportunity where fun was to be had.

    Memories of Alan…
    Being shocked to encounter a deeply suntanned and shaven headed Alan when I arrived in Malaysia for a site assignment in 2004. This was a complete appearance transformation from seeing him in the office two weeks before.
    Alan’s driving style upsetting some the local residents in Kuantan.
    Terrible shorts.
    The only person I’ve known who has tried to weigh anchor during a conference call.

    Alan was a lively person around the office and always someone I would seek out to catch up with.

    I will miss Alan and the world will be a less fun place without him.

    May he rest in peace

  9. Hang on, Alan – when I was 5, and we were all knocking the heads off Mother’s agapanthus, you said we’d get married when we grew up! What happened?? So much love to all the Raines. He’s a burning bright sun of hilarity and absolute kindness. I’m honoured to have been his “blud.”

  10. Visiting London as Toms friends from New Zealand, Alan and Rene welcomed us into their home with open arms. Being so far away from New Zealand, we instantly felt safe and at home. We have such fond memories of Alan, laughing and sitting around with a huge map of London with him pointing out all the “groovy” places we might like to go. Was such a privilege to have met Alan, a caring and kind man who made our stay in London so memorable.

  11. I will always have fond memories of working for Alan on the Qinghai methanol project back when we were on the 16th floor at number 20. Alan was full of life and had a great sense of humour which will be greatly missed.

  12. Alan was a rare soul who always have a smile on his face no matter the situation and could lift the mood in any room he walked in to. He could always strike a conversation with anyone of any age and one of the last conversations I had with him was going through option for new “creps” that wouldn’t cramp his sons style. He was always down with the latest slang!
    Rest in peace Alan, you will be greatly missed

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