Creating priceless memories

Positioning Clearmems

Clearmems delivers new Memorial  and Videography solutions designed to augment and expand the unique ‘Funeral Director – Client’ relationship.  
Our aims are simple:   

           • Reduce your costs and save time 

           • Enhance existing services    
           • Open new revenue streams

A simple to use, secure platform immediately  assures  that death notices, memorial and testimonial messages, and all funeral logistics are presented and managed professionally and efficiently.

Resolving streaming media challenges or creating a powerful photo/video montages comprises the Clearmems proposition.  

Differentiation – The platform is Funeral Director branded. The extended audience can directly procure flowers and candles as tokens of respect or donate to the family’s preferred  charity.

Clearmems uniquely offers compelling studio quality HD photo/video  montages. The impact of these ‘priceless memories’ for the family and friends of the deceased cannot be under estimated.


Time – By working smart at scale we expect to reduce the Funeral Directors workload by at circa 20%  whilst reducing stress for everyone involved  in the funeral process including those unable to attend events due to restrictions. 

Check out the ‘Memorial Example’ in the top menu.

More details in the features and benefits grid below.

Better still TRY FOR FREE 🙂   OR call us we are always happy to chat things through with potential new friends/customers. 

How it works

Partnering with Clearmems is quick and straightforward. 
There are four steps in the process

The funeral director submits profile data including his corporate logo and branding.

The funeral director’s private and personalised dashboard is created automatically.  This dashboard is unique and maintains a record of all transactions. Clearmems licences can be purchased with a single click. The funeral director provides information on the deceased along with contact information for the nominated client family member.

A secure (URL) web address is immediately generated and issued directly (or via the funeral director) to the nominated family member. This password protected website gives editorial rights to the client whilst facilitating public access to the memorial, testimonial and other Clearmems value-added services.

The client is free to cascade the address to all interested parties. Visitors to the site will see the funeral director’s logo, who, in turn, can gain access to the site and analyse usage, RSVP volumes and other data points from the dashboard.

Ease of use is key to the Clearmems solution. The procurement of candles and flowers is intuitive with obvious action buttons, as is, the request for photographic and/or video montages.

Our Vision

The Clearmems solution is designed to be collaborative and inclusive. To create a customised, jargon free forum that  allows ALL people the deceased had touched in life to exchange messages of friendship and to share personal memories of love and laughter. To express sadness, to remember and honour that person. To support the immediate family and each other.


Solace and mutual help combines  with access to a series of centralised value added services to address the practical needs of the immediate family and Funeral Director. 

Key Benefits

Memorial Page

The ‘Life and Times’ of the deceased. Your client’s own secure, personalised website and landing page will be accessible within hours of the funeral director’s appointment.

The Memorial is generated automatically via the Funeral Directors dashboard and can only be edited by the funeral director or the client.

Friends & Family Tributes

Allows friends and acquaintances to leave messages of remembrance, poems, stories and photos of the deceased.

Ease of use is key for this ‘public tribute’ space. Materials can be uploaded directly in multiple formats or via Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter or Snapchat.

Funeral Logistics

Effective communication including RSVP management and logistics for all funeral/wake or associated arrangements.

Information includes a map of the venue and is flexible enough to include order of service information and/or dietary requirements. A list of RSVP confirmed guests can be generated automatically.



Automated procurement of flowers for delivery anywhere in the UK with 10% margin on all orders going directly to the Funeral Director.

The Memorial is generated automatically via the Funeral Directors dashboard and can only be edited by the funeral director or the client.


One click access to the client’s charity of choice.

The Memorial is generated automatically via the Funeral Directors dashboard and can only be edited by the funeral director or the client.



Automated procurement of chapel of rest candles with 30% margin for the funeral director.

Candles are good quality church candles at varying prices and delivery and hassle is managed independently of the Funeral Director.

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‘Life and Times’ of the deceased. A compelling and powerful state of the art photographic and/or video montage set to music.

Utilising the latest transitions and image enhancement techniques a crisp and professional montage is created even using older photos or film material. A unique forever memory of client’s loved one. 

(Up to 5 minutes duration – Price available on request).


Cost effective and prompt video streaming and audio-visual displays from the church/crematorium - Price on request.

Clearmems can set up onsite streaming services quickly and cleanly from the church or crematorium AND/OR record the service for those remote.

In Person!

In lifetime interviews, messaging and video ‘stories’ from the deceased and family.

Comprising part of a Funeral Planning Service there is little more powerful, than the sentiments of the deceased expressed premortem and shown at the Funeral or Wake.

Have you thought about streaming services?

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Prices - From £29.99 per account

Get a 100% free Clearmems account with a single user licence or request a call back to see it in action