1. My Grandad, though our time together wasn’t as long as I wished it was, the time was still filled with love and happiness that simply words could never possibly describe. From the days when I was just a child and you gave me my £5 allowance every saturday as you sat in our living room and watched TV with me sat on your lap listening to the stories you had to offer. To the later years when we would enjoy Sunday roasts at your home and I would always leave my veg. Though my later years I regrettably didn’t get to see you as much as I should have, having been able to see you again 1 last time during your birthday and see you smile when you saw I had managed to make it is a memory I will never forget. I always said it when I had the chance to over the phone but now in words 1 more time, I love you Grandad. I’ll miss you.

  2. Nice to have known you Alf. I enjoyed our little chats. Rest in Peace, Eamonn

  3. Mr Allen was always so kind. He was so lovely to me, a great baker and would always offer me a piece of his cake and we’d have a little chat. Mr Allen always had a biscuit or some fruit to offer Taylor when he came over and Taylor enjoyed saying hi to his “Big Grandad” and being in his room with him which Taylor will remember forever. We will enjoy telling Ari all about his legendary Big Grandad too. Mr Allen’s memories and spirit will forever live on and we miss him dearly. RIP xxxx

  4. My fondest memory, my dad’s shoulders, I could sit on them forever, my chair. From the time he came home from work, until I went to bed. I even ate my dinner, perched up high. Rubbing his head to remind him that this spoonful was mine..
    Looking after my dad in his later years ( sometimes frustrating) I don’t know who was looking after who.. He cooked my lunch, every day I was there. He had a need to feed anyone who came to the house. And it made him feel needed.
    But my heart is broken now. A void that can’t be filled . Even though he could be grumpy at times, I wouldn’t change anything, except to bring him back.. I let him know every day how much I loved him. He probably got fed up of hearing it..
    Dad I’m going to miss you so much. Love you always, miss you forever..
    Your with your loved ones, my beautiful mum x until we’re reunite,
    Rest in peace xx

  5. My life is richer for having met you. You are with the greatest now so, untill I see you again..(I will always wash my mug up ‘so it’s clean for next time’)..good night Alfie Pops, I love you xxxxx

  6. Thank you for being a part of my life for over 30 years I will miss our chats there are 2 many memories all of our great holidays together the house is very quiet without you being here may you fly high with the angels love you

  7. My grandad was a legend to me and so many others…I’m so lucky I got to call him my own. I miss his little sayings and his black and white attitude to life…no BS but would also make time for anyone…especially if you were of female persuasion. Gosh he made me laugh more times then I remember.

    My only regret is I didn’t tell him enough that I loved him…hopefully he knows this now he’s at peace ❤️

  8. Happy memories that I have all of my uncles at my mum and dads home in Cambridge Gardens. All playing dominoes in our front room. You always looked out for me. You were a fantastic uncle. I will truly miss you
    Love you always. ♥️Rest in eternal peace. Uncle.

  9. You always brightened up the room, I absolutely loved your yummy cakes and smelling the fresh mangos you were cutting up in the kitchen. Going to miss you.

  10. My dear sweet Uncle Alfred. We were always happy to see you with Alfie, Sue and Angela as so many fun times it would be with all of us at my family home. We gleamed with excitement knowing you all would visit on a Saturday or Sunday. Lots of Chocolates and sweets we would have. You even came out on our play street to have fun times with us. You joined in with all the children’s games, the street lit up with joy. My brother and I really didn’t want you all to go home. My happy memories I shall never ever forget. Thank you all for being part of my happy childhood memories .
    My darling Uncle, you are not alone as there is a lot of loved ones awaiting you in paradise. You are and will always be deeply missed May you rest in eternal peace my heart
    I Love you Uncle Alfred .

  11. I always known him as mr allen was always kind to me and always said hello julie he will be sorely missed he was a gentle giant ❤❤❤

  12. I remember being at sue House and everyone was going to the pub,and Mr Allen said I’m not going unless Linda going,he will be missed by so many, thanks for the lovely cakes you made xx

  13. all ways said hello every time we see him this man was a lovey man who will be all ways be missed

  14. His patience in the crown pub trying to teach me how to play darts really lovely gentleman

  15. His warm hospitality always offering to cook something to eat for me whenever I was at the house and of course his legendary cakes x

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