1. Andrew was a good friend, entertaining lunch guest and a great support. He will be missed.

  2. My big brother! So many happy memories, long hilarious phone calls. Always there when I needed him. I will greatly miss him.

  3. Though having been partly educated at University College London by the legendary Professor Cobban whose books I am touching as I write(!), little did I expect that an employee of Rothschilds would become the current President of France. Andrew and I worked together for many years at Rothschilds where he was always highly respected, engaging and entertaining and good fun. When I left to join a different bank he tracked me down and we enjoyed a mutually beneficial commercial relationship. Being a guest of his at the In and Out was an occasion to be eagerly awaited. and savoured. As time went by my wife, Pat, and I got to know Diana well and had many conversations about our families. In particular we enjoyed each other’s company at dinner and theatre outings on many occasions, enhanced by Diana’s literary background. Our most recent memories were of Covid beating poolside dining in our forest edge garden in rural Essex.

    Andrew will be sorely missed.

  4. Despite our being in different faculties, I got to know Diana & Andrew quite well during our three years at UKC together; and so it was with particular pleasure that we used to meet up regularly at the subsequent annual First 500 dinners. His wit and repartee were always welcome, and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

  5. We met in the late sixties when three young Australians shared a marvellous residence with three young English women, including Diana, in London. Andrew was an honorary member of the household. We have fond memories of their wedding, and of being warmly welcomed at 265 through the decades. Today I’ve been in touch with the others – our friendships have endured -and although we have been keenly aware of physical distance this past eighteen months, Diana has kept us up to to date with her marvellous communiques. So we’ve known the highs and the disappointments. This evening in Sydney I truly felt that I was ‘present’ at Andrew’s funeral, and seeing their close family know that Diana has wonderful support.

  6. We met fortuitously at a lunch at the club. Initially I was speaking to Diana, who immediately introduced me to Andrew due to shared career interests. From that first conversation to the last, he was generous in time, advice and spirit. We enjoyed many meals, drinks and parties at our “home from home”.

    He was never shy to point out when standards of service, or guest behaviour, were below his expectations! However he always held himself to the highest standards, was always a gentleman, and was a trusted mentor and a dear friend.

  7. I have very fond memories of Andrew and Diana as students at the University of Kent in the mid-1960s. I was very honoured to have been invited to their wedding in 1969, and to have been in contact with them ever since, including the 50th anniversary celebration of the University of Kent in 2015. What I shall remember most about Andrew is his warm personality and his wicked sense of humour!

  8. I have very happy memories of visiting the home of Andrew and Diana for Uxbridge College reunions and Andrew was always the perfect host and made everyone very welcome, even if he did not know them. He will be very much missed.

  9. A generous, kind and thoughtful gentleman. A hugely proud family man. We worked together at NMR and remained friends. We attended the same WAS events as mentors (I’m a senior) for some years. I will miss our club lunches when we put the world to rights and toasted happy days until our next lunch. He brought jollity to my world and to others. He will be greatly missed.

  10. We moved to Swakeleys Road mid 2000. Diana and Andrew were the first neighbor to welcome and embrace us as a family. Andrew had the gift of elegance, irony and humor; a learned and intelligent man. He knew how to make anyone comfortable and feel welcome. We shared good times and many birthday parties. We remember fondly one time when Andrew was our guest and he used to go to the garden to smoke with our late father (Toto). We saw them time and time laugh out loud from the window and we are still together wondering what they were talking and laughing about as neither spoke the same language. Dear Andrew, we will miss you!

    Taricone’s family

  11. I met Andrew at UKC ( and had already met you before Diana)- we lived in the same student block- and then later when we were all back in touch at various reunions. I remember Andrew always as really kind and interesting and helpful and fun to be with. Sending with all very best wishes and thoughts to you and your family today

  12. We have very happy memories of visits to Andrew and Diana at 265 for Uxbridge college reunions and other occasions – Andrew was always the perfect host with his warm smile and twinkling eyes and of course never forgetting his green-fingers. We shall greatly miss him, we send our love to Diana, Joshua and Olivia and families.
    Pat, Caroline and Paul Manion

  13. We have many happy memories of Andrew and Diana over more than 50 years! Andrew was a good friend to Tony over the last few more difficult years and he was always the perfect host at all those parties in Ickenham! We shall miss him very much.

  14. We remember Andrew and Veronica’s mother, Muriel, playing hookie during OFS and Harrow events to have a quick illicit fag at the back of the bike shed! During every Harrow School Speech Day, after a nice joint (Noah/May!) picnic lunch in the grounds of Newlands, including needless to say copious draughts of wine, Norman and Andrew lying down on rugs on the grass, sleeping it all off. In the meantime, Diana and Veronica walked about Harrow looking at the designated visits, as we were all supposed to do. Those were the days!
    We will always remember Andrew as an amusing, witty, considerate and true friend.

  15. I will always remember Andrew as the perfect gentleman, always considerate and a great family man.
    I was privileged to be part of the wonderful times/parties we experienced over the years.
    He will be greatly missed.

  16. So many happy memories of Andrew: a welcoming host at so many birthday/Christmas parties; cheery conversation at tea in the garden, cake carefully paired with his favourite wines; latterly cosy conviviality around the firepit. Over the past months, he was always so positive and courageous. A dear friend, whom we greatly miss.

  17. I first met Andrew, Diana and Joshua as residents of Wallasey Crescent. They lived at the ‘top of the road’ and my family and the May’s became close friends and indeed, I was ‘babysitter’ for Joshua! Andrew was a gentle man as well as a Gentleman. He never seemed anything other than calm, open and kind. He was blessed with an incredible family. It is an tremendous honour to be part of Andrew’s life as a friend and ‘helper’ at Parties and Events. Despite the years, the Day’s and the May’s have remained in contact and good friends, long may this continue. Andrew – a man of integrity, continuity and dedication.

  18. I remember meeting both Andrew and Diana when we lived in RAF quarters. They were lovely people and fabulous hosts.
    The one big memory I have of Andrew was when he dropped in and we spoke about a possible job opportunity at Rothchilds. We talked and finally Andrew stood up and said “I’m going to do it” and he did. What a lovely man. He will be missed. ❤️

  19. I have very fond memories from over the many years I was fortunate to be invited to the celebratory occasions and famous Christmas parties, Andrew was always the perfect Host.

  20. Andrew was such a kind and loving man. His quick wit and repartee enhanced many a family occasion. He will be sorely missed by all his family and friends.

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St Giles Church, Ickenham
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St Giles Church is a very old and small church. Andrew's funeral service will be attended, in person, by close family. However, the service will be streamed live at 12.00 midday on 20th May. An invitation to attend the stream will be posted on this website, at least 48 hours before the appointed time. Simply click on the invitation and allow for the content to download.

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