1. My deepest condolences to the family. I hope the legacy of your loved helps to provide peace in this very difficult time.

  2. Mum was a fantastic lady who always made me feel welcome when I entered her home please accept our condolences on behalf of the Brown family. She will be deeply missed.

  3. Mrs Harry was a Rockstar of her generation, always a woman who welcomed you in her home, and enticed you with her tasty curry and roti. Mrs Harry was a warm, loving, kind & softly spoken, wonderful and powerful woman both in sprite and soul. After losing 2 of her children Cliford and Carol…she carried on and tried to remain very strong through the tough times, of heart break and emotional pain. She loved her childen and granchildren who gave her the strength to carry on. She fought a good fight. May she rise in power and rest in eternal peace. My sincerest condolences to all the family, Mum was so loved and will be dearly missed❤‍♀️

  4. My condolences to the whole family. God bless you all at this difficult time.Mrs Harry was an amazing lady. Always kind, caring, loving and welcoming. It was a pleasure knowing you and spending time with you. My memories of you will always be fond ones. I will miss you but you will never be forgotten. Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near still loved, still missed and very dear. May you rest in everlasting and eternal peace. Xx

  5. The Matriarch of a kind and loving family that will be greatly missed by all that knew her. Keep your chin up all family members and wishing you all the best.

  6. Having known Mrs Harry for many many years, I had developed a very close relationship with her.
    She was a hard-working, peaceful, soft spoken, calm, inspirational, and encouraging woman.
    In addition to her fine qualities, she was a very dedicated mother and grandmother.
    Now that the Cruel hands of death has snatched her away, she will be dearly missed by her family and all who had the honoured privileged of knowing her.
    May she rest in peace.

  7. Am amazing Lady whom always had a an amazing warm heart, whom always made me feel welcome, I will miss her wise words. RIP xx

  8. Mrs Harry(mum) always had the warmest smile for me.when ever we would met her first concern was how I was and the rest of my family. One of the most gentle souls I know kind,caring and always putting her family first. You will remain in our hearts forever ✨❤️✨

  9. Dearest Mrs Harry,

    Thank you for all your love, warmth care and support over the years. You have been a wonderful Nan to Lashaune.

    You were truly beautiful from the inside out and had always brought a smile to all those you made contact with.

    You will surely be missed however may you rest in perfect peace in Gods arms until the day we meet again, in our Lord and Savours Heavenly Kingdom.

    Always and forever in ours hearts and thoughts, love from Johanna & Family

  10. My condolences to the whole family.

    My memory of Mrs Harry was that she was always soft and kind and no matter how much time past between seeing her, she always remembered me and always asked how my family was.

    Very giving and kind lady.

    Rest in peace.

    Karen x

  11. Mrs Harry was a lovely soft spoken lady who always had a welcoming smile. She was a great testament to her beautiful family and will be truly missed. Rest in Eternal Peace Mrs Harry

  12. I can’t claim to have known Mrs Harry extremely well , but what struck me on the occasions i met her was her calmness and serene nature . She always extended such a warm welcome to me anytime i came to house . I am deeply upset by her passing . RIEP MAMA ❤

  13. Mrs Harry what a wonderful and beautiful lady that I will surely miss.Always welcoming and softly spoken, she never ever forgot to ask me how my family was and how I was doing but her presence was always wonderful because of the sincere ness in her. May you sit by the lord and be under his wings Christina Harry. RIP❤️

  14. I have many fond and happy memories of being and growing up around you and your family and will cherish the love,kindness and respect you have always shown me.You will be greatly missed but never forgotten
    Mum xx

  15. Softly spoken and Always very welcoming to All whether it was kind words or a plate of food… Sorely missed RIP Mrs Harry…

  16. Only fond & happy memories of Christina. She would always ask after my mum and on occasion made guiness punch for me to sample which was amazing still cant match it. I will miss you greatly and will always think of times spent with Charles, Clifford and Clyde and you close by in the kitchen playing country music. Such a kind hearted amazing mother. R.I.P Christina.

  17. Chris my brother, where do we go from here? All I can say is: Today I am thankful for the memories that brighten the road of grief, they remind me of the love shared and provide a small relief.

    When I met your mother I was 14, I could never imagine a time when she would no longer be here. I feel blessed to have spoken with her before she passed, and that memory will last until it’s my turn to leave this mortal earth.

    My brother I’m sharing your pain, and I bet we didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. Keep smiling through the grief. Your mum is an amazing woman and I’m glad I was blessed to have met her.

    Nuff love and respect to you and your family

  18. A Great Mothet, A Great Grandmother. The Rock Of A Family That She Lead, Proud & Mightily.

    A Beautiful Smile, A Pure Heart, She Will Be Greatly Greatly, & Dearly Missed. May You Rest In Everlasting & Eternal Peace. Edna & Family×

  19. A beautiful lady with a beautiful soul it was such a pleasure to meet you. You will be missed. May you find peace in the lords dwelling. love always xx

  20. Always made me feel welcomed, beautiful and sweet lady, never forgotten. RIP Mums.

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Date: 15/03/2021
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Church of Holy Innocents
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Places at the funeral are restricted due to CV19 and most have been allocated. Please do not attend the funeral without prior arrangement with the immediate family The Funeral will be streamed live from this site on Monday 15th March at 11.00AM and an HD recording of the burial at Gunnersbury Cemetery will be posted onto this Memorial site the same day

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