1. I remember when you were born my sister Joy and I were so excited to have a nephew we would have you out for hours in Ravenscroft park . We would then get blased with a few choice words from your dad Junior. We didn’t care we enjoyed pushing your usual coloured green pram around the park and to the shops.
    RIP Colin you lived your life to the max. Gone but not forgotten. Aunty Dawn

  2. Just hearing everything you have gone through over the last 4 years hit me hard because I never knew until 2 weeks ago. Known you since playcentre days, youthhclubs, raving and our sounds Bushmaster and Variety playing out.
    But one thing I can say about you Colin Anthony Skanka Bailey you were a true, genuine friend no nonsense, straight talking, nuff joke with that chuckle talented guy.
    R.I.P our brother you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

  3. My heart goes out to skanca’s family.
    May Our Father’s Grace be with you.
    My spiritual brother their is no more pain, ONLY Sanctified music!! We will miss you’re earthly being.
    We celebrate your spiritual uplifting. Always in LOVING memories…. gone is a good man, Rising is a great Spirit.

  4. Collin aka Skanca I still can’t believe you are are a man always joyful and fren too my deepest condolences to your family on this saddest day RIP you will be always remember .

  5. Colin,
    Words can express so much my gee.
    Anytime you’d see me you always had positive reasoning – grown man levels. The Authenticity you had is magnetic bredrin. It’s a huge loss to us in reality. Though my bonified brother/friend/father great human being + more – what you’ve left for us is nothing but good memories especially on how we should treat each other every single day.
    I gonna raise a glass later Mr Bailey on your behalf.
    Unlimited Reespek Mi Soldier.

  6. Rest in eternal peace Skanka you will be truely missed was such a lovely soul always a smile on your face.xx

  7. Colin your love will endure for ever.Rest in peace.
    Family keep up the faith.
    Verona and family

  8. My Dear Big Cuz Colin, this news has messed me up big time … We never got to finish having the conversations about so much things, music was a passion of yours and I will be listening to music you made me come to love and respect … God Bless Aunty Maureen, Uncle Junior Karl and Launa and your children and their mum, we will help lift them up when needed forever more … Sleep well Cuz,

  9. May Colin rise in jah glory and rest in his precious arms,Michelle and family stay strong.

  10. Can’t believe your gone Collin aka Skanka. We lived on the same road and same primary school as kids and used to ride our bikes up and down. RIEP King! Gone but not forgotten!

  11. To Junior, Maureen and family please accept our deepest condolences, still cannot believe that you’re gone!! I’ve known you since you were 4years old.
    I didn’t see you very often but when I did you would give me such a wonderful greeting.
    Rest well Collin

  12. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”
    Jehovah is alive

  13. Rest In Eternal Paradise & Rise In Power Colin B aka Skanca ,Condolences to your family & kids.
    we live, We laugh, We Learn, no matter what the circumstances from how I knew of you always had time for others especially when music involved.
    Your legacy of direction shall continue in every capacity no matter. Respect from myself family also the Full Tender Touch Sound System family out of West-London.

  14. Can’t believe you are gone we were best of friends in primary school and had foods times together on our bikes. Rip

  15. To Michelle, Maureen, Junior and families. My Heartfelt condolences on your loss! May the spirit of the Almighty guide each and everyone as you pay homage and celebrate the life of your loved one. Though difficulties may arise… Just remember that the celebration of life is a marker of the life that he lived!
    We are not here just to survive and live long..
    We are here to live life and know life in its multi- dimensions to know life in its richness, in all its variety.
    And when a man lives multi-
    Dimensionally, explores all possibilities available, never shrinks back from any challenge, goes, rushes to it, welcomes it, rises to the occasion then life becomes a flame, life blooms.
    May the flame of this man whose loss you mourn and celebrate rise to his Ancestral glory to bathe in the holy fountains of the Most High God!!
    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.
    Love, strength, prayers and nuff Blessings.

  16. Thank you God for meeting this fine respectable young man Colin aka Skanca. My deepest condolences to his entire family may God comfort you all in this saddest time. Colin may your wonderful soul Sleep In Eternal Paradise.

  17. Thank you God for meeting this fine respectable young man Colin aka Skanca. My deepest condolences to his entire family may God comfort you all in this saddest time. Colin may your wonderful soul Sleep In Eternal Paradise.

  18. Big man like Skanka you nah,Cha it doesn’t seem fair..but only the most high knows best your body and earth vessel are have gone too eternal sleep but your spirit and energy will live on in your children and the many people you touched as a father son brother partner cousin friend man a musician for me just a stand up positive black male role model rest in power king

  19. To Michelle, T’shane ,Kyrah and The Bailey family, my prays are with you, may God guide and help you through this difficult time. Skanka will be missed by so many.

  20. Rest In Eternal Paradise Colin B aka Skanca my great friend , You were a true friend till the end My deepest condolences to your children & family ❤ until we meet again Selah

  21. S.I.E.P Colin B aka Skanca my great friend , you were part of our team , sad to know have left us but may you R.I.H.P Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten … My deepest condolences to your Children & Family ❤️

  22. Skanca
    To one of the best and longest loyal friends I have …
    Our friendship runs deep, we have come a long way since nursery days …
    We learned from one and other and balanced each other out that’s why I know we had a special bond with each other…
    We shared many many good times and catch nuff jokes…

    Our birthdays one day apart and I know we had plans to celebrate it together this year… which made the loss of you passing even harder to deal with…
    I will always remember and cherish the time I had with you as a friend, as well as being part of a sound and playing music which we both loved… (Init bana)

    Nuff summers we spent in a rental going to all parts of London to rave with the squad or just us and had some wicked times …
    We have come through five decades of struggle and happiness…

    It has hit me very hard dealing with you passing and words can’t even begin to describe how much I will miss you bro…
    I will continue to celebrate life in your memory, but I can’t promise the Guinness ting, although I gave it a go on your Earthday…

    I know you are safe with gran and are looking down on us as one of our guardian angels…
    You will always be with me and I will never ever forget you …… my twin with eternal love from you brother TG ❤️

  23. My Aries King you will forever have a special place in my heart.. Till we meet again R.I.E.P

  24. Just sending my condulances to the bailey family. My thoughts are with you all at this precious tender time. Just thought Id show acknowledgement

  25. Colin Bailey
    From when we first met as boys in school to teenagers to adulthood the bond we made was bonified. Our Smiles,vibe and greetings said it all. From School we could reason an show our love for music and the simple things like unity an laughter because you know our school could be topsy terby. Always a big warm an easy powers greetings to each other never in all the years where there ever a bad vibe just peace and love.
    The Love, Support, Time, Effort you gave to my family will never be forgotten love and appreciation always every time. I know weve stood up together an spoken about it still Scoobie as you know spoke highly of you, seeing how you’re too’s passion we’re on par with each other an Tech heads of sound system. Your spirit was seen by my big sister an left an impact on her, she would say hows my SKANKA? Bredrin it hit me hard, so so saddened at your parting.
    We will Miss you . I will miss you my Breda 1HRART always.
    Barry Newtion an family.

  26. Skanka !!! My babysitter you always used to come round on a Friday or Saturday night to baby sit Sanchez and when I wanted to go out and from then I always wanted you to play the music at my parties and do CD’s for me cause you know I loved rare groove I’m sorry you’ve gone already but I know your at piece now. Keep looking after Sanchez for me

  27. My Teacher and guidance.
    I heard you. As you’ve taught me something’s that have allowed me to pursue my goals based on the end result, rather than just today’s outcome.

    I heard you as you explained and showed me how to deal with negative vibes. Which I hope my positive will help support your ladies while your away.

    I heard you when you said be true to myself and don’t worry about other fabricated opinions.

    I witnessed how you used music to meditate, thank you as it has helped me through a number of situations. Neo soul has been my peace for a very long time now thanks to you.

    I heard you when you said I must slow down sometimes, find a balance and not let others choices control my decisions. I’ve taken it onboard.

    I heard you when you told me to go for what I want and don’t watch nothing, as life is short!!

    I heard you when you said you’ve seen enough to trust my choices and you’ve got me.

    You’ve taught me something’s that has been life changing for me, I am forever grateful thank you. I heard you when you said “your good as long as your girls/ family are good”. I will do what I can to support that wish while your away and take care of things, simply as I heard you.

    You know what we discussed will be dealt with and there will be no regrets.

    I already know your at peace, so just gwaan travel safe and just please bless up Granny for me; tell her I heard her too, grateful for her continuous guidance to date and we all miss/love her. Love Manners & Respect. ✊

    Thank you to all that have brought love, concern, care, support, joy, plus shown manners and respect throughout his life and this unfortunate challenging time.

  28. Skanka I will always remember you as a gentleman, friendly and Ernest.. God called you home to rest so you could be at peace..
    Your Spirit will always be looking over your beautiful daughters..
    Only good memories of you…
    P. And the family. Xx

  29. Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Dearest Colin your travel on your train journey was so short. My train journey too one will stop. It was a pleasure meeting you. So my dear friend sleep on and take your rest lay fown your head upon your savior breast. We love you but Jesus love you best good night, good night, Good night. RIEP. Miss Patsy.

  30. Rest in peace Skanka, and thank you for your kind words from
    Mary Joseph and family

  31. My Dad was a kind man to everyone he knew. He was well known for being a DJ and being on the radio aswell. But he was not just my Father to me (and my sister), he was my best friend and knew me probably more than anyone else in the world. I wouldn’t want any other Dad than him. I love him so much, Rest in Peace Dad.

  32. Always there for people. Including me. Mad memories from sky FM. Sleep well fam

  33. Thank you Skanka for gracing my life, you were there for me when I was low! With words of encouragement and wisdom, your love for your family and music, plus cars was your passion, still hard to believe that you are not here, i guess it has not sunken in yet…. rest in beautiful peace my friend, my brother, will miss you greatly

  34. Still can’t believe your gone. Knowing you from Primary school. You were always friendly and chatting when we were at school. Everytime we meet up, it felt like no time had past. You were such a genuine person and I’m so glad you touched my path. I’ll miss our catch ups. Rest in eternal peace. X

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