1. Denis was one of the mainstays at the Music and Arts department. His film collaborations with Alec Clifton Taylor were exceptionally fruitful and he also made a lovely film about the composer Francis Poulenc, working with another much-missed colleague, John Amis. Denis was a greatly loved colleague and friend when I was head ofBBC Music and Arts department haf a century ago ad a pillar of support to Walter Todds when Face the Music enjoyed its exceptionally long run.The BBC was so fortunate to have recruited such a loyal and distinguished servant.
    Sir Humphrey Burton. (very sorry not to have been present earlier today)

  2. Wir haben uns nur zweimal persönlich getroffen, einmal für die Taufe seiner Enkelin Theodora und einmal zur Hochzeit von Tristan und Lena. Dennoch habe ich ein paar schöne Erinnerungen. Zum einen seine Freude über die deutschen Kinderlieder, welche ich damals unserem Sohn als Baby sang. Zum anderen mein Versuch ihm meinen sehr deutschen Beruf des Rechtspflegers auf Englisch zu erklären, bei welcher mir einfach die englischen Wörter fehlten.
    Danke, dass wir uns kennenlernen durften und schade, dass wir uns nur so kurz treffen konnten. Ruhe in Frieden, Denis.

  3. I had the great pleasure of knowing Denis in two phases of his life. At St Johns, where, by some of us, he became memorialised by the frequency with which he would spot a group exchanging a joke and would arrive with a breathless ‘have I missed anything’ just as the punchline was about to be delivered. Thus the story was ‘moriartied’. This in its way is a tribute to Denis’s determination to socialise at every opportunity. The second phase was the result of the Fifties annual lunches and to his latterday career as a lecturer for which I engaged him on three occasions to great acclaim from the audiences who were beguiled by his style and, again, his gift for socialising.
    I will miss him very much indeed.

  4. A notable head boy when I entered Reading School, a model I followed later, a fellow historian taught so well by Frank Terry – and then out of touch until I was invited to join the Oxford & Cambridge Club lunches which Denis presided over with such enthusiasm and friendship. I was so privileged to know him in those last years. He will be much missed.

  5. Always a good friend at Reading School, particularly when cooperating with G&S Operettas. I remember very fondly our combined efforts in HMS Pinafore in c1952. Farewell and God bless you dear friend.

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