1. Sincere condolences to the McLoughlin family on the passing of Eddie, our thoughts are with you all at this time

  2. We have great memories of Edward when we visited Carrowreagh as children in the 1950’s. Edward was great fun and always playing tricks on us kids. Noel would have known Edward in more recent years meeting him on his visits to Mayo, and at recent family funerals. May he rest in peace.

  3. Just after watching Edwards mass. Last time we met was at Renas funeral young Eddie was with him. He always called out to our house when he was home he loved remensing with my mother. He loved visiting Carrowreagh and when talking to him it was like he never left. May he rest in peace.

  4. you left behind memories that I will never be forgotten you taught me how to ride my bike and you always bring me park. I will miss you

  5. I have lots of memories of Edward but the one that will probably stay with me is the last time he was back in his native county mayo near where he grew up, he was visiting our house in loughanemon and came with myself and my father John for the spin checking and feeding our cattle in an neighbouring village called cloongona, he helped us feed the stock and commented on how well they looked and when we got back to our house he said he enjoyed going back through the neighbourhood and commented on some changes in the area since his previous visit to original neighbourhood. Everyone i told of Edward’s passing in the neighbourhood were sad to hear the news and that he was a gentleman. R. I. P Edward. The memories we have Edward will stay with us forever. Sorry for your troubles and loss of Edward to all the family from all Walsh family loughanemon.

  6. My last memory of Eddie was just before this lock down we were going up the steps to mass in Dollis Hill we had a conversation about him taking the lift he just raised his hand to indicate he don’t do lifts so glad I had that chat with him wonderful memory of Eddie may he rest in peace Mary Frank Byrne

  7. Eddie and Alice welcomed me warmly into their home on several occasions when I visited Dee in those early days of her relationship with John. I have great memories of the family fun and food and Eddie in the thick of it all. A lovely man, a lovely family xxx

  8. My greatest memory of Eddie was his dancing at Dee and John’s wedding-he had the moves! Also, last time I met him about a year ago it was amazing to see how, for a man of his great age, he was so involved and alert- a lovely man who will live on through his lovely family.

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