1. Daddy Dearest

    It has taken me so long to write this message as I couldn’t find the words to say. I still cannot believe that you are gone. I would like nothing more than to have you here with me but God decided that it was time to call you home. I thank God for the time that I had with you before you passed. I Thank God for all the lovely memories I still have of you. I miss you every single day and I feel like a piece of me is missing. There are so many things that I will about you Daddy. I will miss walking into the kitchen to find you cooking your famous mackerel and bakes . I will miss going to Grenada heritage day. I will miss bringing in the New Year with you and seeing you all dressed up in your dapper little 3 piece suits . I’m going to miss your cheeky smile and your cheeky comments!!. One of my funniest memories of you that I will never forget is , that one time when I was at home sitting at the kitchen table feeling really low. It was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t received and cards or flowers and you walked into the kitchen. I thought yes!! Daddy knows how to cheer me up !! Well you looked at me and said “ Oh well Kim .. if you haven’t met him by now.. you never will !” I have so many memories that I will definitely treasure. The family are going to miss you dearly. I thank God that he chose you to be my father. Your legacy will definitely live on. Thank you God for teaching me that your legacy will never be what you leave in material possessions but it will always be what you leave in people. I will miss you Daddy forever and my life will never be the same without you. I just want to say one thing …… WELL DONE DADDY !! YOU DID US PROUD !! WELL DONE!!

    Love you daddy always and forever
    Kim Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Dear Errol,

    It’s so difficult to comprehend that you are no longer with us. It much easier to make believe that are away in your beloved Carriacou.
    In reality, facing the truth is hard, it’s really hard to accept. Your passing feels like losing family.
    You had such an easy going nature, a family man, a husband, father, brother and uncle.
    To Amanda and I you was our lovely neighbour and friend for 21 yrs.
    You was always around, we would hear your voice, or your car coming and going. Other times, especially in the spring and summer months we would have many conversations. You were always upbeat and positive. Your favourite phase was “ If you don’t see me, I’m home” you would then tell me the details of when you were leaving for Carriacou.
    You would keep the hedge trimmed, we would water each other’s gardens as far as our hose could reach.
    During lockdown, You was so happy enjoying your time with Judy and Josh. We all had such a lovely time, the weather was great for outdoor living and BBQ’s.
    You were all so thoughtful, many times, I would hear you call out saying “Dell’s dinner is ready“ the pleasure you had was evident as you encouraged me to eat and drink more. You just loved to cook but you would shy away from any praise.
    Errol, thank you for blessing our lives, for all your kind words of encouragement and support. You will forever be remembered.
    Rest in eternal Peace. Della ✨❤️

  3. Dearest Errol
    I am overwhelmed with sadness at your passing.
    I will always remembered you with your calming and relaxing manner. You always managed to make me feel welcome into your home with a smile and of course good food , always enquiring about my family them individually. It always surprisesed me how you remembered all their names.
    I am blessed and honoured to know you and my dear friend Judy, so farewell dear Errol .
    I am overwhelmed with sadness at your passing. May the lord shine upon you . Rest in Peace.

  4. Eroll my friend fish friday wont be the same without you.I look forward to going there and whenever we meet you would greet me with the words GRENADIAN how I would miss hearing that….RIEP

  5. To my dearest and oldest friend of over 40 years from Ladbroke Grove. well, we never spoke every day but when we did speak, you always brighten my day and made me laugh.
    Errol, your phone calls will be dearly missed, I am saddened by your loss. Sleep well my friend.
    My sympathy to all your family.
    Love Monica xx

  6. RiEP dear Errol. Always had a smile on your face. Judy and family we pray that God wlll continue to strengthen you all.. Love the Myers family x

  7. Dear Errol, till date you are the only person to have given me the strongest shot of rum I have ever had in my 32 years alive. I met you once and that was enough for you to show me how warm and welcoming you are. Thank you for making me feel welcome in home, goodbye and I pray that your soul will rest in peace and the peace of the Lord will console your family you left behind.

  8. Well Errol, my memories of you are all assosiated with the Azille clan. Notting Hill carnival with you in the band. Any family gathering you and Rodney, drinks in hand, giggling like two naughty school boys. You will be missed at every gathering but never ever forgotten. Sleep well ❤

  9. Dearest Judy and Family
    Our deepest condolences and thoughts continue to be with you. Whenever I saw Errol at a family function he always had a smile on his face or was ‘cracking’ a joke. May God continue to bless you all and strengthen you day by day. May he RIP.
    Rosie and Family

  10. Our love for a truly wonderful man who had a very common sensical view on life. Errol always had wise words to import to All he met.
    Our love always. He will be deeply missed. xxx

  11. Our deepest condolences to Judy and family.
    Errol will always be remembered for the friendly and smiley gentleman that he was.
    May God continue to be with you all and give you the strength that you need at this time.
    You are always in our prayers.
    Love from Auntie Yvette and family. xxx

  12. Such a warm and lovely soul, such a kind heart, so welcoming. You will be missed by many.
    Kurt, Greg, Carol & Julius

  13. Dear Errol,
    I will never forget your distinctive laughter, joyous presence, pleasant nature and listening to you talk about Arsenal. It was a pleasure to grow up around you and the Mark family, always being welcome in the home and a part the fun that you all personify.

  14. Errol radiated positivity. He had a calming aura and it was always a joy to be in his presence. He knew what was important in life. He was modest and always made time to chat, listen and give wise advice. You always wanted to be his company – he had a gift of making you feel good about yourself. Errol had a wicked sense of humour and always a glint in his eye. He was a rare gem. Sending love and good wishes to all the Mark family – you are in our thoughts xxxx

  15. Dearest Errol
    What can I say? Truly a remarkable Cousin. I have very fond memories of both you and David visiting your Aunty Ruby and myself in the late 70’s. You were both adored by my mum and treated like sons rather than nephews. You had a uniqueness about which was endearing and truly a one-off. I visited yourself, Judy and the family on several occasions and truly had the best time. I am blessed and honoured to be your family and all the wonderful tributes put on this page is a true testimony to what a caring, sensitive, loving, family man you were. Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Cousin, Friend and so much more. You may have gone, but you will never be forgotten. I salute you Errol. May you rest in peace in God’s loving tender care.
    Love Always,
    Cousin Brenda xxx

  16. Errol my brother, a true scholar and a proper gentleman. Time may pass but memories will stay for ever, those football debates especially at Xmas the financial advise over the years Thank you. Rest assured the family you leave behind will be taken care of till we all meet again rest in peace Carlos❤️

  17. I will never forget first meeting the Mark family: Sacred Heart High School’s hallowed halls. What do I remember most? Judy & Errol’s couple dynamic: LOVE, joy, togetherness, laughter, ease and more LOVE. Then Jess…what a beautifully fine product of that exquisite union. God bless you Judy, Jess and Joshua, my love to you all. Always.
    Viv XXX

  18. Dear Judy Jess & Josh. I didn’t know Errol except to say hello and pass pleasantries when we met. Although we did have a conversation by uncle Peterson at a gathering before lockdown about our travels to Thailand & Turkey. It’s clear from what I’ve heard and read, Errol was a loving, caring husband & father to Judy and all his children and he is and will be a sad loss in your lives. I therefore will take this opportunity to pass my sincere condolences to you all. Have faith your dear Errol will never be forgotten because he will forever live on in your hearts and on your lips ♥️ May he rest in eternal peace love Daphne xx

  19. Dear Errol; a special person that I never got to know very well. My loss.
    At family gatherings I would notice him quietly enjoying watching everyone having fun. It was obvious he loved his family so very much.
    My sincere condolences to you all. May time heal your pain. May Errol rest in peace xx

  20. An amazing man & after getting to know Josh it’s fair to say he was also a wonderful father. From the short time that I knew him it was clear to me that Errol always saw the best in everyone and welcomed everyone with open arms, a true inspiration & will forever be remembered for his amazing cooking skills!!

    Rest in perfect peace

  21. Your loving daughter Kim love you so much,I would always ask of you because Kim speak so highly of you, rip Mr Mark


  22. Our Dearest Brother who has gone too soon. We are deeply saddened by your absence in this life. We cherish all the moments you spent with us. We always looked forward to your coming almost every year to reunited with us in Carriacou, also, keeping in touch and calling everyone by their Official names was a pleasure to you and inquring about the new developments on island. You love to be here around the festival times when you can reconnect with many of you friends and family members whom you have not seen for many years.

    You reminded us of Dad when you visit the family house checking the refridgerator to see what’s there just to munch on something small. Your posture and your laughter we will miss dearly. Like everyone who knows “Big Brother” will say : you are the “image” of your father Festus (deceased). It was imperative to speak to us every weekend and even at least twice during the week.

    Our most hurtful moment, is the fact that we were hoping to see you coming to Carriacou in January of the year, 2021. But it wasnt meant to be. Th Lord call you home. He had a better and greater plans for you. We will missed your presence on the steps of your house in Carriacou as we passed by and greet you daily. When we pay you a visit, you were always receptive and offered us something to eat or drink. We will also miss the smiles and jolly personality.

    Big Bro, The Lord is looking over you. We love You dearly.
    From Brothers Paul and Andre, Sisters Elvie, Therese, Lisa, Dale, nieces and nephews and other members of the Hamlet Family. Sleep in Peace.

  23. Errol was family. As a Grenadian myself, I remember Errol with my first cousin Ossie Thomas always hanging out together having fun. He was sure fun to be in his company. His passing came as a real shock, but God knows best. I can hope that he and Ossie will be laughing together talking about their love of sport.
    Sending love yo his wife Judy, his children and the entire family. It is indeed very hard to say goodbye to a wonderful family man and friend.
    See you later Errol. Xx

  24. It’s going to be strange coming to the house and not seeing Errol, especially in the kitchen. I will miss his jokes. He was a wonderful person and he will truly be missed. To my dear cousin Judy and Kim, Kasim, Jessica and Joshua, be strong and keep the faith, God is with you all in this sad time as you say good bye to most loved husband and father. To his sister and brothers, nieces and nephews also be strong. God bless you all.

  25. Dear Errol
    Thank you for all your help and support over the years. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Ruth

  26. Dear Erroll I could not believe of your passing. I still find it hard to belive. I always remember when you come round to collect Judy from our house. I always say to you Erroll would you like a drink . And you would say to me I can help my self and you would go in the fridge and help yourself to what ever drink you wanted. I can see you at your 60th birthday you was so happy seeing all your friends and family come to celebrate it with you. We will all miss you . Rest in perfect peace friend.

  27. To my dear friend Errol words can not Express the way am feeling right now I met Errol in 2003 in harlesden and we have be friends until is last breath. Errol have be my best friend when I have a joke I can share it with him and he laugh I have never seen someone like him always willing to help everyone that comes his way kind and love love to cook mr Marks you will be surly miss by me and I will be always cooking red peas soup with lots of pig tail to remember you and chilli conconi rest in perfect peace mr Mark’s you best friend Cookie

  28. Errol,

    Always a Happy, Smiley and Positive Person!

    Very rare in life to meet people who are Joyful, Happy and Positive every time you meet them like Errol was!

    RIP Errol

  29. On behalf of the Roberts family, we are sending our deepest condolences to you Judy and your family.

    Death brings pain that only time can heal, no words can ease what you truly feel, but with God, his joy is eternally sealed, and cherish Errol’s memories that death cannot even steal.

    May God give you and your family the strength and courage to overcome your loss.

    Cousin Errol, May your soul rest in eternal peace.

    Judy, may you find peace in the love, and sympathy of the family and friends who greatly love and cherish your husband Errol, in so many ways.

    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

  30. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time. Errol was a true gentleman, may he Rest In Peace.

  31. Mr Mark I remember always loving coming with Kim to your house, you were always cooking up a storm…something so nice! You were always so nice to me, though I was shy you made me feel welcome. And I remember always coming with Kim to find you at your spot in carnival! You will be greatly missed, God rest your soul in Eternal Peace. Naomi Xx

  32. I meet Mr Mark in 2002. When He became my Landlord. He is always willing to help in any situation. Mr Mark was a very lovely man He will be sadly missed. His memories will continue to live on gone too soon. May your soul RIEP

    Meggan and family

  33. Errol I will miss your warm smile and open readiness to help, you were usually in the kitchen whenever I came over. Taken too soon rest in peace Errol you will be missed.x

  34. Errol Mark Rest In Eternal Peace

    I have know Judy for many years, her and Errol came as a package, Judy is a friend we grew up on the same estate and the friendship remains to date.
    Errol and Judy were in Grenada one year unaware we were staying in the same hotel. He called me by my full name laughing joyously. He and Judy enjoyed the Caribbean life.
    Errol you have left a legacy in your wife Judy, your children and extended family, your memories will be externally sealed that death can’t even steal -Amen

    Claudette Severin.

  35. Dearest Errol,

    The one thing I will always remember about you is your distinctive laugh and me always trying to copy it, along with the cheeky smile that followed! Your love for cooking was inspiring and your food always set the bar high! You held your family close and the love you had for them shone bright and will continue to do so. We will truly miss you, Errol!

    Lots of love always,

    Chan, or as you would say, Chantooo! xxxx

  36. Dearest Errol

    The memories that we shared with you and your family will always be there bringing glimmers of light to dark days. All those wonderful good times and occasions of celebration, not forgetting sharing feasts of food. What joy!

    It is with deep heartfelt sorrow that we send our love and prayers to you.
    A sadness like no other has overwhelmed us with your passing.

    May the good Lord grant you eternal rest and perpetual light shine upon you. Rest in Heavenly Peace.
    Sincerest condolences
    Lilian, Clement and Cadell

  37. Dearest Judy & Family, our deepest condolences and heartfelt sorrow go out to you and the family. May God guide you through your sorrow and strengthen you day by day. Thinking of you all. Lots of love. Laura & Family. Xx

  38. Dear errol, you will be missed by many. I will miss our regular chats and laughs. May your perpetual lights shine upon your soul.Rest in eternal peace. Elma xx and family.

  39. Dearest Errol,
    For the past 36 years you have always been a great brother-in-law and a thoughtful family Man. I will fondly remember the holidays Chan and myself went with you , Judy & Jess…We had some fun times.
    I will miss your delicious food that you was so proud to share with us all.
    May you rest in perfect peace xxx

  40. My memory of Errol goes back to the 60s growing up in Carriacou going to the same school then hooking up in England in the early 70s in Ladbroke Grove, that’s when he came to stay at our house. Errol always supported me as a musician and always made it known to anyone who cared to listen that I was from Carriacou. Errol was a big Carnival fan of course, and so he was one of the most consistent members of the Ladbroke Grove steps. And of course he loved Carriacou and so we always had a good time together when we are there at the same time. As a matter of fact that’s the last time I saw him a few years ago when he came with his family to see me play. To it’s still unbelievable to know that he’s gone, so my thoughts are with Judy and his family, because I can only imagine what they’re going through right now. RIEP my friend

  41. Errol,
    Always welcoming, warm and laid back. A gentle soul, will be missed by many.
    Love Julia, Leoni, Nathan & Luke

  42. Dear Errol we will miss you always. So many years of a great friendship – you were so full of fun & mischief and yourself and Jim were like two peas in a pod! We will always remember the first day at Cardinal Vaughan for Josh and Patrick – as their parents we were so proud and of course we had a good few laughs. Such happy days.
    Judy, Kim, Kasim, Jess & Josh – we are thinking of you and will always remember Errol as a very special friend.
    Love Jim & Cath xxxxxx

  43. Such a beautiful soul gone too soon. You will truly be missed. RIEP. Love Aunty Cica and family

  44. Errol was a part of my life growing up, I probably spent as much time at your house as I did my own! He’d always say “hey George” and offer me a drink.
    He was always laughing, I remember tripping over the seatbelt and falling out of his car…I was mortified and Errol just laughed!
    He will always be missed xx

  45. to my dearest uncle errol i first meet uncle with my dad ossie thomas we went to one of uncle errol lovely parties and i had so much fun to also realise we had the same birthdays aswell from that day we kept contact all the time and every birthday we would make sure we call or text to say happy birthday to each other i will miss uncle errol dearly it is so hard to write this but uncle errol r.i.p till we meet ahain love you always from jamie

  46. Thinking about him now, I can just hear Errol’s chuckle – and I can see his wry smile. I hadn’t seen him in so long, but I miss it already.

    He’d be bursting with pride in his wonderful family, who I’m praying for every day. X

  47. From the first day I met Errol he has been such a good friend to me, always there to advise and support, I’m going to miss him very much, may he rest in eternal peace ️

  48. I knew Errol as Jessica’s dad; a cool character never without a hat!
    At university we referred to Errol as the wise owl, as he always had wise words to share which still ring true with me today.
    Whenever visiting in London, there was always a warm welcome and tasty food.
    I am thankful for the wise words, memories and for such a wonderful daughter (Jessica) a friend I cherish.
    I feel privileged to know you and your wonderful family. Love to you all at this difficult time. X

  49. Dearest Errol, you were one of the nicest persons that I have ever known, you were so warm, welcoming and friendly…I know that you are rejoicing in heavens…you will forever be in our hearts…LOVE NEVER DIES…MARGARET AND AUNTY KEZIA

  50. Errol was the must lovely person I have known. He always made sure that you are comfortable and that you’re ok. I am so happy to have had him in our lives. There should be more people like him in this world. God bless

  51. Mum and dad always spoke as though you and Judy were family and that always sticks with me. Thinking of you all. X

  52. What a wonderful man you were Errol. You always bought a smile whenever we saw you. We will miss you xx

  53. Dearest Errol
    Just as much a treasured friend as Judy to me – always so kind, caring and generous. I will forever remember your wisdom, support, natural flair for cooking Michelin star worthy Caribbean cuisine and great sense of humour.
    Now with the angels in God’s safe keeping. Rest in eternal peace.

  54. My dearest Uncle, who always cared for me and accepted me not just as he’s niece but as his daughter I could go to share anything with my uncle and he would always give me his heart . I will never forget you uncle . Thank you ❤️

  55. My immediate memory of Errol is his immediate kindness when I first moved to this nervous and unsure of my new life. Erroll and Judy invited me to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, I was truly honoured and made feel special. They both continued to check on me, always asking how I was doing. So much so my husband recalls that Erroll was the first member of my family that he had a full conversation with and that relationship continued.

    Errol will forever be missed

  56. To my dear friend, may your journey be blessed, I will miss our friendship and conversationMay your Soul rest in Eternal peace.
    I will always cherish your memory, your humility and caring attitude.
    All Blessings on your journey.

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