1. I really enjoyed our morning walks together during the family trip to Jamaica. We walked arm in arm and took our time as there was no rush, and we did the Jamaican thing of having a little talk now and again, and spent time taking in the scenery which was quiet lovely. Rest in eternal peace. Jean x

  2. Aunty Freda, we have such vivid childhood memories with you when we went on the massive family trip to Jamaica. You are very missed, rest in perfect peace Aunty x

    in 1956, she entered this world
    For Randall and Esme McInnis, their first girl
    Born into the English nation
    A first generation Black-British Jamaican
    Chatty and vocal, articulate and social
    To a racist, social standard as the norm
    In 1967, she would not conform
    Resisting the ‘Secondary Modern’ pool
    At the age of eleven marched into grammar school

    She made a personal mark in promoting diversity
    When in 1975 she stepped into London University
    On the Social Science course the only Black student
    Graduating in 1978; in her career she was prudent

    She worked for the Commission for Racial Equality
    As a Case Officer to challenge discriminatory ideology;
    In Camden Council’s Personnel management and Women’s unit she was keen
    One of the few Black principal officers to be seen;
    She worked at the Employment Agency, one of the Black female faces
    On the panel to decide tribunal cases

    Choosing a career to bring justice and make things better
    This confident, intelligent, friendly, strong go-getter
    Laughed at many things she was easily amused
    But in determination to excel she was not confused
    Her personality was straightforward, bold, non-pretentious
    With a love of travel, avidly adventurous
    From bathing on the beach in the Caribbean sun
    To safari in Kenya with her Mum
    Winter skiing in the Austrian snow
    To every continent she said, hello
    The Olympics in Russia, she was there
    She travelled abroad year after year
    Whether with company, whether alone
    Far and wide she did roam

    In 2004, for her work at The Law Centre she was recommended
    For a special privilege, and proudly attended
    Her Majesty the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
    Although by then disabled in a wheel-chair
    With poise and pride she went there

    Though latterly ill, her soul stayed strong
    And lived many years when others passed on
    Enduring and surviving MS each day
    She passed exactly one month before her sixty-sixth birthday

    She leaves behind Michael, there in sickness and in health
    For better or worse, for rich or poor
    Sharing the sphere of life together for two-score years and four
    Her beloved husband, carer and friend
    Who was with her till the very, very end
    Her son Marvin, resemblance reflected, seen on sight,
    Long legs, long feet, tall hands, tall height
    She passed on a zeal for life, and exploring different cultures
    Likewise, a confident, chatty, social, lover of travel and adventure

    Oveta and Shirley: sisters, friends and comrades,
    As they went through school, church, brownies, guides,
    Exams, camping holidays; games and activities were rife
    Then clubbing, holidays and full social life
    Growing, learning, playing, fighting; loud laughter and sometimes tears
    Throughout those childhood and teenage years
    At the age of seventeen she experienced a local taste of fame
    In the audience on Top-of-the-pops the most famous chart show on TV
    Looking live and large for all to see!

    She leaves her sister, Moina, with her identifiable facial form
    Youngest brother Joseph; brothers Cleffen and Glendon who lived abroad
    Nieces and nephews including Kamilah and Lucas continue life’s cord
    Dear friends such as Eve, Sevtlana, Opal, Juliet, Paula and Pam
    Sharing special times together throughout different years of a lifespan
    And many other relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and faces
    In her heart, each had their particular connection and places

    But all that she did in this life pales into never never…
    I trust and believe that in later life she did the greatest thing ever
    She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour
    Although she could not articulately live it out
    She believed in her heart and confessed with her mouth
    Thus departed from this world, now healed and whole
    Feeling rapturously wonderful and freer
    At last, reunited with her baby daughter, Maria
    She’s saved by faith and is now to travel the greatest adventure
    Of eternity in the Father’s glorious splendour
    The rest of her life is yet to unfold
    Only the Father knows
    The amazing adventures the real future holds!

    Moina McInnis, May 2022

  4. To my dear forever friend Freda. The memories of our many holidays will be with me for ever. You really were a one-off and an inspiration. A true believer in Truth and Justice.

  5. Dearest Freda , I always smile when thinking of you. Rest dear friend. X

  6. “Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.” — Washington Irving
    Dear Freda today I’m remembering the joyful times we shared in our youth. You were a gift to all those around you. Rest in peacexx

  7. Deepest sympathy and may the family be comforted by God and His grace .
    Douglas & Valerie Wilson

  8. The brief moments we shared were full of life and pleasantries. Rest in peace. “……. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him …….” 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 KJV

  9. So sorry to hear of your passing. Many happy childhood memories in Stoke Newington. Sleep in Peace my sweet cuz.

  10. In Loving Memory of Freda Hays – Clearmems
    13/05/1956 – 13/04/22.
    Freda you will certain ly be missed. Even though death leaves a broken heart that no one can heal. Love leaves a memory that no one can take away.

  11. My sister the great memories we share will live with me for the rest of my life. Love ❤ always
    Brother Glendon xoxo

  12. My belove sister inlaw Freda you were so loveing to and god bless you with that girft to give so much love to all people around you all my love lee rest in god hand

  13. To my beloved sister. You were a trailblazer. I will miss you. I will always love you. Oveta xx

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