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  2. I met Henrietta when we moved to Mulgrave Road in 1992.

    Henrietta was a very warm lady with a beautiful heart, and always a welcoming smile, which I will always remember.

    We lost our mother at a very young age, and Henrietta was an inspiration in my life. She liked to take walks and she would often ask me to join her. She was very active and enjoyed the outdoors.

    I was a working mother, and I didn’t have a lot of time to socialise. I felt very privileged to have Henrietta in my life. She would often walk over to us. We used to have a good laugh and she would always say a prayer.

    Henrietta enjoyed making pickle for the church and her friends, and I would help her. I would cook and she enjoyed my spicy food.

    Henrietta and I would go to the prayer groups, church and events together.

    When Henrietta became unwell, I spent more time with her. On 18th September, I was by her bedside and I whispered “Henrietta, it’s me, Lisette here”. I knew that she was aware I was there by the gentle gesture she made.

    God bless you my dearest Henrietta. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. Rest in peace until we meeting again in heaven. You will be greatly missed.

  3. From Anni, mum and dad’s carer for five years, to the Kalogroulis family:

    I should have said these in the church, but due to time restraints I opted to say these in other time.
    I’m deeply sorry for your loss and I hope these messages finds you in peace. It was an honor and privilege to be part of your life for the past five years in nursing your parents and in housekeeping management.
    The family’s support and dedication to giving your parents the best care have been truly remarkable. I’ve always admired your down-to-earth approach, even though you could have chosen more lavish options. Dealing with Dementia is quite demanding but the children’s steadfast support made it manageable allowing me to cope well. You would buy things to make your parents live more comfortably.
    Mrs Henrietta raised her children to be loving and God-fearing, much like my family in the Philippines. You treated me like family. Your appreciation for even the simplest meals I cooked was always heartwarming and motivating. During crucial times, all of her children provided tremendous support. We all took turns caring for your parents, especially during Mrs. Henrietta’s final weeks at home.
    I’ve learned so much from your family, and I know these lessons will be invaluable in my next assignment.
    Thank you so much for everything. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of your family.
    I will continue to pray for the soul of Sir Takis and Ma’am Hennie and for the strength and comfort for the family.
    Special mention to Mandy, for her unwavering support during my stay, and so with Loretta and the grandchildren.
    God bless us. . I will miss you all
    Anni Quilapio

  4. I have such wonderful memories of Henrietta. I first met her more than thirty years ago when she taught my son how to play Badminton at St George’s parish centre. She then played Badminton with a group of us older ladies at the same place. It was always a fun time and she was so active and fit. Henrietta was always a great lady for keeping in touch by telephone. I had many lovely conversations with her. She was just a lovely lady, may she rest in eternal peace.

  5. No words can express how deeply I will miss my Auntie Henri. Despite the fact that she lived miles away, Auntie Henri stayed involved in our lives through numerous visits and phone calls. She took the time to get to know my children, who fondly referred to her as their “yaya.” I will always cherish the fun times we had together, especially sitting at the dining table playing hours of Scrabble, a game we both love. Until we meet again….

  6. Mum’s Eulogy

    In January 2022, I came to England for my daughter Sophia’s 18th birthday and to see my mum, Henrietta. Her health had been up and down since her husband Takis had passed the year before and I hadn’t seen her face-to-face for 3 years.
    I could see time had taken its toll on her. Sitting in her comfy chair, Mum seemed a bit deflated, tired and slumping a little.

    Sad to see her this way, I suggested saying a rosary together – I knew her devotion to Mother Mary and Jesus – to maybe lift her spirits a little.

    But What happened lifted my spirits. Closing her eyes, Henrietta sat up straight and held her rosary to her bowed head. My memories of saying our rosaries were pretty much based on how quickly we could say one. But this was to be somewhat different.

    Making the sign of the cross, she then recited the Apostles’ Creed, and I quickly realized I was saying a Rosary with a pro.

    From her first words, my mum entered the zone – gone was the aging lady of 83. With every Hail Mary, with every “blessed be”, with every “Holy Mary, Mother of God” I felt as if my mum was in the presence of the mother of God. The reverence I felt from her was astounding.

    I’ll be honest: I have not been a faithful follower of our faith but my throat got tight, my eyes started filling up and i could barely get my words out….there she was, so strong, so alive and devoted in her worship I realized that whatever my doubts about faith, I knew I was praying in the presence of a soul literally touched by grace.

    And that’s the thing about our mother.
    Whatever she went through, whatever tests of faith she faced, her faith in God just got stronger and continued to give her this great inner peace and wisdom, and may I say, a community of love besides.

    When a parent, and particularly a mother, tries to bless their children with a faith the way Henrietta did, it gives me pause for thought. In an ever faster and increasingly materialistic world is Faith the kind of gift my kids need these days? Surely the latest gadgets, toys, an education and some pocket money should suffice. Why bother with a faith? All I know is what life has taught me, that when I have been at rock bottom, when life seems to be testing my very will to go on, I found a faith in the divine that sustained me.

    The gift of a spiritual resource is what our mum strove to give us and more importantly, to protect us with. Sounds like good juju to me.

    Somewhere in my heart, I knew it would be the last time we would say a Rosary together but not the last I would say with her.
    So I want to thank my brother, Steve and mum’s carer, Anni, for praying everyday with her as she lay waiting to meet God. You gave her so much with your prayers.

    But especially I want to thank my mum for doing her utmost to give us all the gift of faith, this faith and this loving community.

    Thank you, mum.

  7. Henrietta was my favorite cousin. Her sister the Late Rosemary was my Godmother. But I called Henri my Fairy Godmother. She was generous, kind and always welcomed me when I traveled to London. She would call me on every special occasion, even remembered my children’s birthdays. My deepest sympathies to all her children, their families & friends. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

  8. One of the lovliest people I have ever met, part of my chilhood memories as she is the mother of two of my dearest friends.. I feel lucky I have met such a wonderful woman. Rest in peace dear mrs Henrietta ❤️

  9. I met Henrietta at an Inter-school Sports Meet. She had come with a St. Lawrence School Team and I was with the team from St. Josephs Convent High School. The only two Christian girls. At that Meet we recognized each other as being “Goans” and started chatting. We met a few times thereafter at other sporting events. I was in awe of her athletic prowess. In my final year of schooling I did not see her at any athletic competition. Therefore, when I started at St. Joseph’s College I couldn’t believe I saw Henrietta the next day on the netball field. (She had been a year ahead of me in school.) From then on she became Henri to me. We stayed friends even when she left Karachi. I spent a day with her in Athens on my way to Canada in 1965. I visited London more than a few times over the years and was always invited to spend the day with her. Sometimes even overnight. When Henri came to the San Francisco area we’d take the day off to visit an area that was unknown to her. During the year we’d phone on and off. She’d tell me about her children – so I know where each one lives. I shall miss my long time friend Henri. She is in my prayers. My condolences to all her children and their families. Thanks for the memories, Henri. God Bless.

  10. So many memories! All of them good ones. Henrietta is like a second mum to me, I’ve known her almost all of my life. She cared for me, my children and my grandchildren. She taught me kindness, patience and how to play a mean hand at ‘Happy Families’ card games. I can recall cosy times after school being filled with bread and jam and fun time’s playing badminton and times when Henrietta was a caring listener guiding me through difficult situations. I shall miss her with all my heart. What a fantastic lady.

  11. What can I say? on behalf of the pupils and staff of St Andrew’s we mourn her passing! She was an amazing teacher and colleague. From my point of view she was a good friend and an amazing lady. I have so many happy memories, slaughtered at badminton and squash; “toffee sitting” God bless her!

  12. Henrietta was my first friend when I visited the UK in 1988. She was simple, loving, sincere, full of fun and made everyone feel important and loved.

    I now learn from her life story how larger than life my friend really was! To me, she was Henri, a great listener, devoted friend, immense in wisdom. I feel honored to have known a saint who spent time at our place in Canada despite the numerous friends she had.

    You’ve inspired us all dearest Henri….there is a warm welcome waiting for you in heaven.

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Funeral Arrangements

We invite you to join us to celebrate the life of Henrietta Kalogroulis


Date: 26/09/2023
Time: 11:00
St George's Catholic Church
Location: 970 Harrow Road, Sudbury Wembley HA0 2QE GB

Additional Info:

Following the funeral mass there will be a 1:15pm committal service at Breakspear Crematorium (West Chapel), Breakspear Road, Ruislip HA4 7SJ. You are welcome to join the family at the crematorium or head direct to the house (see below). The funeral service can be viewed through the link on this page. There will be a live feed of the committal service that will be made available at by adding the username xafu2561 and password 985010. Charitable donations to St Luke's Hospice or Alzheimer's Society please.


Date: 26/09/2023
Time: 12:30
Henrietta's House
Location: 34 Mulgrave Road, Harrow Middx HA1 3UG GB

Additional Info:

The house will be open after the funeral for anyone not travelling to the committal service at Breakspear Crematorium. There will be food and drink and the crematorium attendees should be back at the house by 2:15pm. Please feel free to come to the crematorium OR head straight to the house, Henrietta's family wants the day to be relaxed and friendly.

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