1. I never really knew you. We never really “chilled” but if I saw one thing is how your smile was infectious and the way you carried yourself through school. It made a lot of people laugh and you will be missed.

  2. Thank You for always working hard in my lessons.
    We all miss you so so much. I miss you teasing me & making us all laugh.
    I promise, I do actually eat Hot at Nandos!
    You really excelled at audio mixing in media. Forever in our hearts.
    Miss C

  3. The video is from induction week. You were the first new person to actually make an effort to be nice and talk to me that week and even at the start of the year, that means so much and my first nickname at global was you also you, I hope your happy haha what sort of name is holhol? Well I guess it’s mine to you.


  4. Memory ebook

    There’s so much I could write so it’s hard trying to pick just one or two things but I’ll never forget how you told me daily that my forehead is big and then would just giggle at yourself for ages that put a smile on my face every morning and how we would fight in the corridors cause I touched your hair, that happened way too much man but I will never forget any memories that we shared and our form shared, our form is really one big family and you’ll forever be a part of it. We all miss you so much. Rest easy jalooloo <3

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