1. As the Belgian extended family of the Cokes, we have met Jo a few times on our visits. We remember especially one Christmas spent together – which was so wonderful. What I remember most about Jo is her sense of humour, but also her kindness and warmth. She clearly had a golden heart and now she can live on in all of yours. Sending all our strength your way xxx
    Claire, George, Olivier and Cathy

  2. I will always think of being with Jo over dinner – either one she had just cooked, or eating out; either with Jayne and Derek when we were all much younger, or with our own children as well more recently. Through all the years that I have known her, over food especially, Jo made us all laugh so much with her stories and her comments and her special little ways. I could not count the number of meals that we have all found ourselves incapable, in tears of laughter. Wonderful times with one of the most loving people I have known.
    We will all miss you so much, Jo. Until we meet again. I love you so much. John x

  3. Your Mum was lovely; so full of positive energy . I remember Jayne telling me about a house move the family made, where Jo had all the furniture and possessions unpacked and arranged in the new house by mid afternoon – an astonishing feat!
    There was such an obvious bond of love and teasing affection between Jo and Derek . They made a brilliant team.
    They were so proud, (not in a boastful way) of their children and grandchildren. You each gave them a lot of pleasure.
    A life very well lived.
    With love of love, Stephen and Daphne

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Funeral Arrangements

We invite you to join us to celebrate the life of Jo Elkins

Additional Info:

The funeral will take place at 1.30 on Tuesday 13 July at St Giles, Ickenham.

Jo’s friends and family are invited to access the live streaming of the service using the video link above.

Any family or close friends wishing to attend the service in person and who have not already been contacted by the family, please enquire with the funeral directors W Sherry and Sons on 01895 677222.

Additional Info:

In lieu of flowers Jo's family have requested that mourners kindly make a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society. Jo's own fund-raising page can be accessed via this link: