1. John used to come to my families restaurant and we become good friends we used to sit and talk for hours he took me under his wing and used to tell me about his younger days and honestly taught me a lot and the steered me in the right direction of life, Later discovered I actually went school with his son James who was a few years below me.
    Always happy and always smiling cracking jokes with me and Sunita, you will be missed my friend and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your funeral.

  2. I knew John from the age of 14. Our family lived across the road from the West London Bed Centre, and were the owners of the Lily Tandoori. My brother Awal who ran the restaurant, was a very good friend of John. I remember over the 30 plus years that the Lily operated, John and his family, especially his children, as regular patrons of the restaurant. There was no doubting that both our families were close. John was a sharp and silver tongued man, nothing passed him easily. He did not suffer fools gladly. I would remember the conversations that John would enjoy with my brother, and the profanities they would exchange. It was also at the restaurant that I also first met Sunita and Priya all those many years back. There was no doubting that John had a deep love and devotion for Sunita. One could tell that they were deeply in love, tackling life’s trials and tribulations together. John’s generosity is unquestionable, and to this day we still have beds and furniture that John gave to us without taking a penny. My earliest memory of John was the Red Ferrari Testarossa. Yes, that car used in the 80s series Miami Vice. There was a resemblance of John as ‘Crocket’. He certainly was a flamboyant individual, always driving the finest super cars, and wearing the nicest watches. However, he shared his wealth and was old school, helping family, friends and strangers whenever he could. John’s larger than life character and success had a big impression on me. One thing he taught me as one of life’s lessons was to pursue your dreams with humility but passion. I am sorry John that I could not attend your funeral due to being overseas. Rest well my friend, rest in peace, you shall not be forgotten. Memory is the golden chain that binds us till we meet again.

    Mohammed Gaffar,
    First Secretary,
    British High Commission,

  3. My fondest memory of Dad is going Christmas shopping at Hamelys and we would get the magic paper the dad would do tricks with . Also him chasing me around the house spraying coke over me .
    He would seek me into movies that were 15 or 18 when 8 was 8/9 and say i was a midget .
    Dad loved cars so very much and I can remember going with him and grandad to buy a new BMW and asked me what colour I liked and bought the car in that colour….so many memories. Love you Dad forever.

  4. We moved to Farnham Common in 2005/06 where we got our first dog, Chewy followed by Ollie & Mia. (Ollie being Dad’s boisterous favourite) whom he loved very much.
    The house in Farnham Common undertook a 10+ year renovation, from being a very
    old Spanish Villa to Johns Palace – a house which he was eternally proud of through all the hard work which went into it over the years.
    Dad’s favourite time of the year was Christmas and in 2012 he had the holiday of a lifetime. We travelled from Canada to Washington DC over the festive period which was several weeks. This truly was the holiday of a lifetime and one he never failed to mention when we were together. It held such a special place in his heart. When we were in Huntsville we spent Xmas day in a beautiful lodge, and just as we started to eat it began to snow. I will never forget the happiness on face. It was a true Xmas miracle to see a proper ‘White Xmas’!

    During his later years, Dad mellowed like you wouldn’t believe. In his 50’s he no longer cared for partying, instead, he became a real family man. This became his favourite time, just chilling out, eating Sunita’s unreal food, watching a game together or talking about what business venture he wanted to start next.
    There was nothing he would not give you, even if it was the shirt off his back whilst it was snowing.

    It seems fitting that Dad’s last live football game was QPR Vs Cardiff which I bought him tickets for, which happened to fall on his birthday, the 1st January 2020. It ended up being a very, very special day, as QPR was my first and last game live with him and QPR won 5-0. Perhaps this day was made for him, as I had no idea that the random tickets I bought happened to be in the stand which backed on to the road in which his family used to live, and where he himself used to sit as a young supporter.
    Looking back it was quite a surreal day, especially as I had the hangover of the highest calibre from being out the evening before. However, I didn’t realise at the time quite how special it all was.

    To me Dad was not only my mentor and my confidant, but my best friend. I am eternally grateful that I was so lucky to get to spend 31 years with the person I loved and adored so much. I could not have asked for a better father; I love you dad, forever and will never ever
    forget all the special memories we shared. This isn’t a goodbye this is a thank you and see you soon.

  5. We have known John for many years and whenever we went to see him, we could always feel his strong presence before we even saw him.
    A bold, larger-than-life character with a laugh that could fill a room with joy.
    A real London man. He looked after everyone he was close to, and God forbid anyone that hurt those he cared for.
    We know he loved Sunita with all his heart and we know they were each other’s soul
    mates. When two people love to be around one another constantly and can stay up talking until 3am you know it’s true divine love.
    He was a proud father to his boys and he wanted the best for them. He did whatever he could to support them through their life.
    He always looked out for those he knew and would make sure they were ok and never went without.
    It is cruel that John has left us sooner than he should have.
    Even though he has left his body we know his soul will be present and he will be looking after his family for a long time.
    We want to send love and prayers for him, and all the family that his soul moves on gently.

  6. Words cannot describe the number of memories we’ve shared over the past 3 years.

    The open conversations, to going for long drives to Seer Green, Reading, to pick up your Porsche, Christmas day to New Years to celebrate unity and togetherness, along with your special day.

    Madhu’s was one of your favorite meals, I remember the time you tried the Fish Pakora’s, at first you were taking the micky out of me for picking the starter, but then got a right taste for it, and never once did not order it again!

    Night at Bombay Brasserie, always serving the homeless – Jay you got £20 on you? Give this guy some money, and the last words to the homeless fella was “don’t spend this on anything else, other than getting yourself a nice meal or a hostel for the night “ the heart was strong and never liked to see anyone struggle.

    Another memory was August 2021 – Champions league final, Chelsea beating Manchester city, and the big screams and hugs at the end of the night, then the drive to Stamford Bridge which was the very first time I’d stepped foot there, opening the car windows and shaking every persons hand walking by, just to shout Championooo CHELSEA, with talksport live… we also tried getting on their live show and sharing the celebration, but we couldn’t be patient as they had a 10 minute holding queue! I will appreciate every moment and time we spent together, discussing cars, business ideas, the progression of Seer Green to plans for 2022.

    Oh, and one last thing, cancelling Saracens head lunch with Sunita, just to come over to have a chat and watch the poorest Liverpool game. That never failed to make me laugh.

    Honestly John, you’ve left a massive whole in this life, with Sunita, Priya & I. I will cherish the time we spent together for the rest of my life.

    Love you John Joseph Hornibrook. Rest well brother.

  7. I stayed with Sunita and John for 3 months when I had a double knee operation. He used to pass by in the morning said, ‘coffee Micky?’ I used to say, ‘yes please Jon’. I also used to notice that when Sunita was cooking, he would touch her hair, or kiss her cheek, or pass and hit her bum! He used to tell loads of stories about his mum and dad. He adored his mum. He loved showing me round his house and explaining everything to me. Xmas was his favourite time of year. He used to quiz me on 70s and 80s music. He always used to call me Mickey, never Harv or Harvinder and his favourite words were ‘love’, ‘trust me;, ‘promise you love’. He always had a simple, twinkle in his eye or would always laugh, he was an excellent conversationalist. He was devoted to my daughter and loved her deeply and everyone around them knew it. He was extremely generous and I will never forget his hospitality and the Tina Turner poster he gave me signed, which still isn’t framed.

  8. I remember taking John out when he was a small boy. We would go to Shepherds Bush Market, to the local Milk bar where he could choose his own music on the jukebox. Every Saturday John was given some pocket money which he would spend at the local toy shop on Shepherds Bush Green. He always bought himself toy cars, which is probably where his love for cars started. John was always protective of me and although he used to try and play fight with me as a kid, he never won!

    I will always remember his love of sports cars, old black and white films and his gift of the gab when it came to being a brilliant salesman. He had a wicked sense of humour and was always quick witted.

    “I loved you from the day you were born, I loved you as a teenager and then as a man. I’ll love you until my last breath. I’ll never forget the laughter and the happy times we shared.”

  9. My first love, my first everything,
    Falling in love with him was ecstasy
    Exceptionally handsome, powerful, alluring, kind-hearted,
    Mesmerising bright blue eyes, an electric smile with the softest hands
    Incredibly smart, witty, captivating and charming.
    One of a kind, a rarity, no other man came close.
    He showered me in love
    Loved me for me
    I loved him unconditionally.
    I fell insanely, madly, deeply in love with him.
    He was my dream come true.

    21 years together
    16 years, I month and 10 days, we were never apart
    However, life wasn’t always easy
    Our path was littered with obstacles from his past
    Grey clouds were customarily over our heads
    He was the ‘go-to man’ for everyone’s problems
    His judgment, advice, and my services were freely disposed
    I could never say no to helping him or helping others on his behalf
    Despite all the difficulties we faced, our love was indestructible
    Surprisingly, our love grew even stronger, something neither of us imagined was possible
    He was my number one, the absolute love of my life.

    Our plans for 2022 were all set in motion.
    But something went wrong.
    In a single evening, without warning, he disappeared in front of my eyes.
    I couldn’t save him that night
    My hands couldn’t make his fragile heart, beat on its own
    I willed him to fight
    He had to survive
    But my prayers for him were disregarded
    My true love went without a goodbye
    Where did he go?
    Why did he leave me behind?

    Time has become adversely slow
    Months used to feel like days
    Now seconds feel like hours
    A once in a lifetime love.
    A price that I am paying
    Having once been the luckiest woman alive
    Darkness has now become my everyday
    Existing in a world that has nothing to show me
    I long to reunite with him
    To ask him why he left me this way
    To which no doubt he’d say
    ‘I love you Suneat, where’s that cup of tea you promised me half an hour ago’

    John, I love you but my heart can’t let you go
    And I just can’t say goodbye
    I’m sorry.

  10. John, It would be foolish, even naïve to try and share all the fun, laughter and memories we shared, from the late-night drive in his air-conditioned car, no matter whatever the weather with his choice of music on combined with plenty of conversation and wisdom en route to HR Owen to look at the latest Ferraris or Lamborghinis. The copious amounts of tea John drank, to which he would say to me, “Priya why are you standing there, go make me a cup of tea” to which I always would and then after I had left John and Sunita’s he would say, “You sister makes a shit cup of tea.”

    John knew the art of buying and selling, and he had this innate ability to second guess your second guess and he would make you feel that you had won, when in fact, you had lost and the deal had entirely been on John’s terms. That’s why I never played board games or cards with John, as I lost once, quite badly and threw a tantrum to which John hysterically laughed and coolly waved me good night as I stomped up the stairs– Never again! Or even when we visited some bed manufacturers up North when I worked with him, I recall a large manufacturer who I won’t name was showing us around, taking about the beds he had and what ideas he had. John knew it wasn’t a great deal for us and as we were about to be laid out a full lunch, John just said, “Come on love, let’s go,” The company director and his directors were scrambling behind us pleading for us to come back. John told them to “fuck off and that they were a bunch of Northern wankers.” We stopped off at Burger King instead and we had chocolate covered doughnuts.

    John was a generous to a fault, always involving me with Sunita and himself, when I was alone or quite simply just single, it felt so easy to always hang out with them, have an “Indian” meal mostly, as that was John’s favourite or Thai and then drive to a showroom or view some property he was looking at or sometimes his childhood homes. One Valentine’s day I was alone and John bought Sunita this beautiful ring and knowing I was alone magically produced another ring that is on my finger, which I am wearing today, I was so touched but it was then followed by, “Priya you’re losing your touch…don’t think I could sell you for even a camel.” We laughed – we laughed a lot, even if we shared differing views, and it would be fair to say the woke society we currently live in, it grated him to say the least. Without a shadow of a doubt, John was and is by far the best conversationalist and story teller I have ever met, peppered with an incredible sense of humour. He had that rare quality to fill the room with his presence and personality. He was a man’s man with a heart of gold. A big man with a big heart.

    John, I will miss you always and forever and thank you for being a friend, a mentor and the brother I never had. Thank you most of all for driving that red Ferrari that fated night and being good to me over the years but more so for loving my sister, Sunita. Rest in Peace dearest darling John.

  11. Dear Sunita and Priya,
    I am very sorry, I cannot be with you for John’s funeral proceedings because of the covid restrictions on myself.
    I came to be John’s family practitioner (his GP) many years ago. He was more a friend to me than being a patient. It was always a pleasure to look after him as he was always pleasant and courteous. He either saw me at my surgery or I had to visit him at his office ‘bed shop’ in North end road. I have never known John to be angry or depressed ‘never ‘except that he was always anxious that I would find something nasty during my examination.
    Ten years ago, I had to visit him at his office to sort out a simple medical problem. At the end of the consultation and when I was about to leave, John excused himself and told me that he saw or consulted only one doctor and that was me but he also told me very politely that his advice was for me to consult a doctor for myself as he thought that I was looking very poorly/ill. It so happened that I was admitted to the hospital a few days later with the serious lung infection.
    We all saddened by his death specially John being very young. I will always remember him for his kind and pleasing manners and his smile. I extend my condolences to you both and all John’s immediate family members.
    Dr Eardley Vilath

  12. Never met you always heard wonderful things about you as a very jolly happy gentleman will be missed by all nears and dears

  13. John, I only met you a few times but you have left a lasting impression in the short time we knew eachother. I will always remember your jovial face – full of laughter and jokes! You brought smiles to everyone who met you. I will always treasure the bond you helped to create between us two. May your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. Kanti

  14. John was a very special person one in a trillion . An angel on earth and an angel in heaven . He will always be in our hearts

  15. All I remember about John is his lovely smile . Loved the way he used to talk as well. Always smiling. Bless him

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