1. Very fond memories of aunty Kathleen from growing up here in Ireland and also many fun times that were had on our visits to London. May she Rest In Peace.

    Gerry, Bernie and family

  2. I have many fond memories of Auntie Kathleen when she came home to Jenkinstown. She was a great character but also very straightforward with a wicked sense of humour. I will miss her.
    “Light a candle
    See it flow
    Watch it dance
    When you feel low,
    Think of her
    Think of light
    She will always be here
    Day or night
    A candle flickers
    Out of sight
    But in your heart
    She still burns bright.
    Think not of sadness
    That she’s not near
    Think of gladness
    And joyous cheer,
    She has not left
    She is not gone.
    So when you light a candle
    And you see it flow
    And you watch it dance
    In your heart you will know
    That she never left you
    Even when you feel blue
    She is sitting up with the Lord
    And watching over you”

    Spread your light from heaven Kathleen. You will always be loved and always missed.
    Are Chris Dé go raibh a anam.

  3. Auntie Kathleen- Fond memories of visits with Helen on a Saturday to Mortimer House and sometimes staying and years later Kath reminding me of when I used to ask her to wash my hair! Many long sunny Sunday afternoons at Barnes Common. I cannot ever remember silence and always a smile, with Kath around! Thank you , RIP Aunty Kath, x

  4. I always loved going to visit Aunty Kathleen, with a slice of Victoria sponge and a cup of tea. Aunty Kathleen had the kindest smile, the warmest of hearts and loved a good chat. I was always amazed by her beautiful white hair, as my sister and I would often refer to her as being a lookalike of the Queen. She was our Queen and will forever have a very special place in all of our hearts. I will never forget what an inspirational woman she was. I hope she has reunited with all of her brothers and sisters and is having the best time up there. May she rest in peace xxxxx

  5. We never knew her as Kathleen Murray because she was everyone’s Auntie Kathleen. We have very fond memories of our huge sports conversation when we visited Yeldham Rd. 23 years ago when myself and my then 18 year old son, a sports fan out and out, spent a weekend with Martin & Molly in Hammersmith. Auntie Kathleen dropped in to greet us. She spent a few hours talking sport with us which we greatly enjoyed. After she left my son asked me “what sports channel does she work for” She was one of a wonderful generation that left their place of birth and moved to an environment which was totally alien to them. Still they had the ability to adapt to their new surroundings and make a better life for themselves and for those that came after them. Their likes we will not see again. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  6. RIP Aunty k
    For me, memories of Auntie K are dominated by the stories she loved to tell including such unbelievable detail, and her love of great quality food. Every Christmas she would visit our house, with a wee present for all of us and an enormous home made Christmas cake in a square biscuit tin! Followed by a step by step account of the prep and cooking process that began in the September! She also remembered so many birthdays, which is extraordinary in a family the size of ours. I could say so much more about her love of life, her endless whit and her Huge knowledge of sports particularly football, but I will end it here by saying simply RIP Aunty K , I so hope you are at last having that high tea on a low table with your beloved sisters and brothers xxxxx

  7. Jaysus, I was trying to get a room for Kathleen and Jackie in Rome so they could get back to London during the ash cloud from Iceland. Nothing was working. Then Jackie said to Kathleen “I think they think you have autism”. Kathleen went for it and they got home. Kathleen will never be gone when we have Jackie to recount her stories with her proper accent. An amazing woman. A massive loss, but a bit of Kathleen will keep going in everyone who was lucky enough to know that beauty! Xxx

  8. As a longstanding family friend, I have so many lovely & fond memories of dear Auntie Kathleen’ going back over many years. She was everyone’s auntie! Kathleen was always so bright & bubbly & never failed to make me laugh with her very funny sayings & observations! Her extensive family were always extremely important & precious to her & were at the forefront of her mind. She often delighted in telling me all the news regarding her nieces and nephews, particularly if there had been a special occasion that she had recently attended! She took an accute interest in each & everyone of them (closely followed by her beloved Arsnel & sport generally) & her face would light up in joy as she regaled the stories of them.
    It’s wonderful that she lived such a long, happy & independent life.
    I will always remember her fondly.
    I’m sure she is now delighting in being reunited with all her dear siblings & family who have gone before her. She certainly will have lots of news to fill them in on and lovely tales to tell of all their loved ones.
    May she rest in peace. Mary & all the family. X

  9. Have great memories of trips to London with my mam to visit Aunty Kathleen. We were greeted at Adie Road by her neighbour who would say “the queen is in”. Aunty Kathleen was always very gentle and happy and was always delighted to see a friendly face over from Ireland. I have fond memories of Kathleen’s trips back to Ireland, she was always full of energy and enjoyed the “ceol agus craic”. She will be sadly missed.

    “Ar dheis De go raibh a hanam”.

  10. Great memories of kathleen. She was ever so kind quiet humourous passionate about football and of course arsenal fc. She lived to be a fantastic age god bless her. I used to laugh here at home when she d ring my late mam agnes rip my mam would pass phone over to me and she d say”” andy pandy hope u have ur slippers neately under the bed”” she was so humerous when i was kid slagging and having a laugh. I hope kathleen is gone to a better place along with agnes and others having the same humerous craic and laughter.. RIP Aunt Kathleen

  11. Thankyou auntie kathleen for always lending a,hand when were were all children. Thankyou auntie kathleen fir taking my own children out for the day. I will always be grateful . R.I.p

  12. As a child growing up, I always looked forward to spending time with Auntie Kathleen and not just because of the tasty treats she would bring my brothers and I! I loved listening to her stories about growing up in Ireland and the antics all the siblings would get up to. Time was never dull when Auntie Kath was around. She was kind and generous and to this day never missed sending me a card for my birthday. I will miss the times we spent together but will cherish the memories we shared. RIP Auntie Kath, forever in my heart. X

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