1. As others have wisely said, truly Larry was one of nature’s gentlemen. Both his uncomplaining acceptance of his frailities in later years and his enormous generosity to my children will live on in my memory. An inspirational man. xxxx

  2. I met Larry on several occasions at Caroline and Brian’s house, always a pleasure to sit and chat to him, he had so many stories to tell and took a keen interest in everyone. He will be greatly missed by his family and all who knew him. Rest in Peace Larry.
    Marion & Bill McMorrow

  3. Holding Larry’s hand and feeling his strong, connected, loving presence. His stories and deep chuckle. The time in the last year when whilst saying goodbye he recited Robert Browning Hamilton’s poem to me ‘I walked a mile with pleasure, She chatted all the way;
    But left me none the wiser
    For all she had to say.

    I walked a mile with Sorrow;
    And ne’er a word said she;
    But, oh! The things I learned from her,
    When Sorrow walked with me.’. He recited it with the most extraordinary presence.

  4. It was with great sadness I heard of Larry’s passing. When I think of Larry, I think of one of life’s truest gentlemen. From my early memories of Larry, Mary and family visiting us in Gaile, packing us into the car and heading to the beach to the time Larry bought us our first game of Monolopy. Such a gentle and kind person. I can never thank Larry enough for taking me in and helping me get established in London back in the ’80’s. Without Larry, I don’t know where I’ve have ended. Larry and Mary took me in, helped me get a job and even helped me set up a bank account. I was totally clueless but Larry was always there to help. Larry, you are one of a million and I will be forever greatful to you. You are now at peace with Mary, another wonderful person. May your gentle soul Rest in Peace. My thoughts and prayers are with Caroline, Michael, Bill and all the family on this sad day.

  5. Larry-what a gentleman. Always had time for a chat on the many times I met him at Mount Carmel School and on the walks up and down Northfields Avenue to collect his grandchildren who he doted on. Rest In Peace Larry an old school Irish gentleman. Love to all the

  6. We first met Larry when the kids would be going to school and he would always step in if needed and pick them up and would pay a visit to the sweet shop where there was no spend limit which of course they loved ! A much loved and kind man who was great company and always had a story to tell . Rest in Peace Larry and all our thoughts with your family at this time – Up Tip !
    Anthony, Karen , Dan , Tom and Jack

  7. I meet Larry true Caroline. I use to company Larry on a park walk witch one I really enjoy it. We use to talk a lot and He definitely made my Mondays much better. I will really miss him

  8. Uncle Larry and Auntie Mary were very good friends of my mum and dad and as I grew up had many happy memories of Larry what a kind funny happy man he took me and Caroline to get our ears pierced in Ireland the lady that did them was so old and were scared stiff uncle Larry held our hands and waited patiently while we chose our first earrings
    I will always remember him and will always considered him my uncle and always will
    RIP your back with auntie Mary now and your many friends

  9. Uncle Larry, My heart broke the morning Caroline rang to tell me u had passed away we knew u weren’t well but we didn’t want to let u go either. You and Aunty Mary took me under yere wing when pat and myself decided to go to London ye were always there for us even giving a speech at our wedding and from the moment I told u I was following in your footsteps and becoming a chef as well always there with the best advice. U were always a second Dad to us and I will miss u and the chats more than words can ever say . I’m sorry I can’t be there to say goodbye to u but u are in my heart thanks for being a great Uncle and an even better Godfather love and miss you so much xxx

  10. I first met Larry over 55 years ago when I started seeing Billy, and from the first time I met him it was obvious he was an absolute gentleman. I have often said over the years, when God made Larry Tuohy he threw away the mould. A better brother in law you could not have asked for. Both himself and Mary were excellent friends and so good to us through the years. I know he is finally back with Mary now, and may they both rest in peace in the bed of heaven. God bless Larry.

  11. I always remember before he went to bed he would have the table layed for the breakfast. And his rice pudding was yum,he was always quietly spoken. He was wrestler he would stick his belly out so we could punch it . My thoughts are with you all. He is with his 1 and only . R.I.P.

  12. I knew Larry to be kind, calm and generous. As Brian’s sister, I only met Larry 25 years ago around the time Brian and Caroline got married. He was always interested to hear about me and my family. Stoic beyond belief with all the setbacks he faced, eg his blindness. I learnt a lot from him about strength, dignity and the ability to delight in all things. Rest in peace Larry. Xx

  13. Uncle Larry was one of lives great gentlemen. I don’t believe he ever spoke a cross word to anyone (even though Auntie Mary gave him lots of reasons to!). Uncle Larry and auntie Mary not only kept us clothed as children but also all our relations and friends in Ireland with all the parcels they would send home and pack the car with stuff when they were coming to visit. He brought me home my first bike from England, a rally chopper. It was the coolest bike around the parish. Mary was the love of his life, along with all the rest of his family. But I know he’ll be happy now to be back with Mary. God bless uncle Larry, and rest in peace your work here is truly done!

  14. We met Larry when we moved next door in Woodlands Avenue in 2006 although Larry had been there 40 years by then! We have a few abiding memories of Larry but one that lasts is his kind use of his washing machine when ours broke down. Larry simply gave us a spare key and I used to walk in whilst he was watching TV, do my washing and just leave. If he didn’t hear me, I would leave him in peace as on one occasion I had to get close before he saw me and I almost gave him a heart attack!
    My own father admired the second world war bunker Larry had in his back garden so Larry kindly gave him a guided tour and they discussed many things. Larry was always so generous with his time.
    And speaking of time, he was always busy. We invited him to lunch on several occasions and he always had to check his calendar and we had to pencil it in for weeks in advance! When we finally managed to secure his time, he was soo good with our children and I attach a picture from 2010.
    Such a lovely man and gives you faith in humankind when you meet people like Larry.

  15. Remember Larry from our chats after mass at St Philip the Apostle. A lovely kind gentleman who will be missed greatly. Rest in Peace Larry

  16. One day when visiting Caroline, I asked Larry when his birthday was and he told me it was 15th August.
    “Oh, the Feast of the Assumption” I said.
    He laughed and told me that when he was a young boy, there was a parade, every year on his birthday through the streets of the town where he lived. He remembered there was great excitement and he innocently thought it was because it was his birthday.
    It was years later that he realised the procession was to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady and it wasn’t the whole town out celebrating his birthday!
    A lovely memory to have of a lovely gentleman.

  17. I will always remember my friend Larry, an amazing man. I was looking after him for a few months and it was a very pleasant experience work with him because he was always very kind, happy, generous, funny, laughing, always with the heart open to everyone and the best singer ever, always full of love to give. He love to speak about his childhood, God, his wife, his daughter Caroline and his children, his son-in-law Bryan, his grandchildren, all his family members.
    Thank you Larry for teach me that the little things are the most important.
    Always in my heart.

  18. I knew Larry Tuohy or “Mr Tuohy” (as my mum said I had to call him to be respectful) because of being Caroline’s friend at school. I have so many happy memories of going round to their house to be with my friend. His great sense of humour, his kindness, the apple pies he made and of course, Rosie the setter. Larry always used to give me a lift home because my mum couldn’t drive so I could stay longer with my friend at their place. Just so thoughtful and kind, a lovely man and a lovely family. Larry and all of you are in my prayers.

  19. Larry was a lovely brother in law he adored Mary and when she passed he kept her grave so beautiful. We all worked together when we were younger and many stories I could tell I am sorry I won’t be there to say goodbye but I know your happy now your back with Mary .

  20. I always remember staying at Uncle Larry and Auntie Mary’s house in Woodlands Avenue. Eating Frosties at the table while his two Red Setters sat watching me, desperate for me to feed them, even though they were well fed enough! Uncle Larry would always refer to me as ‘Davey boy’ when he saw me. A kind gentle man, I don’t think I ever saw him angry. We even shared the same birthday, 15th August, as all the best people do!

  21. Uncle Larry was a lovely gentleman and I am so blessed to have him in my life, Martin and my kids lives. When I was younger I use to go to the caravan that aunty Mary and uncle Larry had with Caroline it was always so much fun. Then playing darts in the back garden and I hit Caroline with the dart I thought uncle Larry was going to kill me as I got Caroline in the ear. There is so much I could say lovely memories that I will always have. Miss and love you always xx

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