1. To my beloved mum, who made a huge difference to the people she met in her life, with her kindness and time. I miss you very much mum and my heart is filled with all our loving memories. Thank you always for your love, kindness and support. You have inspired me by the way you lived your life. May perpetual light shine on you always.
    Love and miss you mum xxx

  2. Tia, we are sad that you are no more with us although we are far away we will always hold you close in our hearts. You brought joy, happiness and laughter to all who you have met. You carried out charity work with lots of love and affection always helping those who were in need. You will be missed but never forgotten. May your soul rest in peace in God’s heaven.
    Tribute of love from Milton Fernandes, Lourdina,Feri, Ubaldina, Freya, Lakeisha

  3. RIP Bertha (Tia) .To the most amazing Tia ( Aunty ),Thank you for all the love and blessings you have given us. You will never be forgotten . You will live to hold that special part in our hearts.
    Tribute of Love : Rosario , Avita , Aaron & Roseann

  4. Dev Boro dis dium.
    Thanks for all love shared all these years.
    We will never forget you.
    Love from all relatives in Portugal.
    Mog Asu

  5. This photo was taken in 1988 at the home of my parents Artur and Rita in Laranjeiro.

  6. Thank you Aunt Berta for all the support affection and love you have given me. I particularly remember the difficult times we spent in London when the aunt lit the candles and prayed a lot. You will always be in my memory.
    Rest in Peace with the family you have in Heaven. Paula Neves

  7. Tia we remember you as a wonderful person
    One who never gets old
    Your smile was made of sunshine and your heart was made of solid gold
    Your kindness and love can’t be overlooked
    Your life was a blessing
    Your memory a treasure
    You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure
    Your simplicity will always be cherished by us all
    May the winds of heaven blow swiftly and whisper in your ears
    How much we love and miss you
    Rest in peace Tia
    Tribute of love from Filomena Fernandes, Martha Pacheco,Wilson,Rina , Aloysius and Nixon

  8. Dearest Aunty Bertha, I am sad that you are no more but I will always have you in my heart & prayers. I will cherish all our time that we shared together in Delhi, Goa and London thank you for your hospitality kindness and love . You are now at peace with your family in heaven. Until we meet gain May God hold you in the palm of his hand. With love your niece Effie/ John, Adam & Andrew. (Sydney Australia)

  9. Dearest Bertha Mummy, thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. I will look back fondly on the time we spent together from shopping to taking us cousins to the park to play football and more recently spending time with my family. I also have very fond childhood memories of our trips to Lisbon, Rome and Goa and the numerous sleepovers with all the treats. You carried out your charity work with love and affection, always helping those in need with dedication and compassion. We will miss you and always remember you mummy, may you rest in peace. Love Matthew, Marilena, Mark and Melissa.

  10. To the most amazing and beautiful grandma, thanks for everything and looking after us and guiding us from when we were young to help us become the adults that we are today. We miss you and love you very much and wish I had a chance to see you again in the year but couldn’t due to Covid. You always loved us so much and cooked the most amazing food especially the tuna and potato cakes, prawn vol-au-vents and took me and Bern to the markets when we were younger and let us buy nice biscuits and noodles as a treat with the trollies! My heart will think of you and Menino Daddy always and am glad you are at peace and tranquillity together in heaven watching over all of us and guiding us until we all meet again in heaven on day. You led an amazing, full life with much love courage and strength right until your last breath. You will always be admired and the Queen of our family, we owe you everything and will be forever thankful. Rest In Peace my dear Grandma. Love forever, Tiana, Brian, Isabella, Sophia and Francesca xxxxx

  11. The best mother a son could ever have. I know you gave me all the love in the world and I will miss you every minute of the day. You brought me joy and happiness throughout my life. Life will never be the same without you, my loving caring mother and I will cherish all the good times we had together. You are and always will be THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Xx

  12. My Beloved Bertha Mummy, thank you for being the best grandma in the world! You have always been there for me and loved me since I was born. I will cherish all the memories we shared together, full of love, laughter, music and prayers.

    I will always hold close to my heart the rosary that we prayed together on the Sunday before you went into hospital and you told me how much you really enjoyed it and to pray with other elderly people because it made you so happy. I love how you knew every word and always told me about your favourite saints. To our final rosary together just before you peacefully passed away. Thank you for sharing your faith with me. You inspire me with your faith and trust in God. Thank you for always encouraging me especially with my faith and music, for all your prayers and support throughout my life.

    I will always hold you close to my heart my incredible Bertha Mummy. I will miss all our beautiful conversations and especially those about our beloved Menino daddy. Your relationship and love for one another inspires me. You were always so kind and generous. Thank you for looking after me, especially when I was small and my parents had to work. I have fond memories of our times eating fruit, your signature soup, your yellow rice, yoghurts and Ritz biscuits. I remember you teaching me how to pray especially with the beautiful Goan Konkani hymns. You are true inspiration with the way you loved and served everyone around you, especially going out of your way to help those most in need. I hope to carry on your legacy of love.

    I miss you so much and love you forever! I hope you are enjoying all the dancing with Menino Daddy and resting in the loving arms of God in eternity.

  13. The most amazing grandmother who showed me nothing but love. Life will never be the same without you here. I will miss spending time you especially our sleepovers. I wish we had more time together. Thank you for all the laughter and wonderful memories you have given me. I will cherish them for eternity. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I will miss you forever.

  14. I will miss spending time with you. Thank you for being the best great grandmother and always treating me. I will miss you so, so much.

  15. I’m so, so sad that I won’t see you again. Thank you for being the best great grandmother and for showing me so much love. I miss you.

  16. Mum, I will miss you so much! We had a wonderful time on all of our pilgrimages and holidays together. You had brought the best out of me and inspired me to deepen my faith. We met so many kind people during our visits and you always showed love to everyone. I will miss having our night caps of Baileys and chocolate. I will never forget how you always wanted me to stay with you at home and to never leave the house. I am very grateful we could spend so much quality time together. I will always miss Christmas now without you and going to church together for Christmas mass. I will cherish these memories forever. I look forward to seeing you in eternity.

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