1. Jackie and Mai paid many visits to tipp over the years and mai always enjoyed dad taking them off for a drive and showing her the sights around tipperary. I was so glad me and mum got to visit Jackie and mai in London a few years back and remember them insisting we stay with them and Mai wanting to make sure I was wasnt bored listening to them reminiscing about the old days but I was happy to listen to hear the stories. We will miss them both but they are reunited now in eternal peace.

  2. Sean, Kieran, Brendan & Vincent….. Deepest Sympathy on the loss of your Mother May.
    Great Memories in London & Charlestown with Jackie and May many years ago.
    May They both Rest in Peace .

  3. My memories of Auntie May were she was always an oasis of calm among all the chaos of her 4 active boys, and a lot of cousins, roaming around Bonera on their summer hols. She kept them fed, and let the kids free to enjoy themselves. She always had a quick joke or an astute comment to make everybody laugh. I had the pleasure of visiting her and Uncle Jackie 2
    years ago. As always she was worried about making sure the hospitality was to the usual standards, she rang Sean as we were in the car driving over, as she was worried she didn’t have a biscuit to offer me with the tea. Luckily Sean had already got a cake, Auntie May had taught him well, but she still wasn’t happy until she could see the cake was good enough. May she rest in peace now with Uncle Jackie in Heaven.

  4. May will live in our memories forever. Her bright eyes and quiet smile. She will be indelibly linked with Jack, for Christine and I, always together. Her sons show us just how well May brought up her family. She and Jack met, married and stayed together whilst the world changed, but May was a constant, a centre in everybody’s life.

    I will always remember her extraordinary memory for people and places both here and in Ireland. I remember her talking to me about Irish life and friends when I was to be based in Dublin for months on end, it gave me a sense of life’s continuity.

    It was a pleasure to know you.

    Rest in Peace May

  5. Remembering all the great times we had in Bonera and the grief we gave granny May & Jackie
    One in particular was when a glass of sherry was left on the window and Vinnie drank it ….

  6. We had many happy times with both May and Jack over the years but we really enjoyed our new years eve dances at St Patrick’s catholic club where we danced until the small hours. We shall miss them both greatly.

  7. During summers in Bonarea when we were young building tree houses was always a feature. In the years since every time I met auntie May she would always ask me with a deadpan face, how many tree houses I had built recently. She always had a great sense of playful humor.

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Date: 21/12/2021
Time: 12:00
All Saints Catholic Church
Location: Kenton Road, Harrow London HA3OUQ GB

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In accordance with CV19 guideline mourners are requested to wear face masks and observe safe distancing policies. The church is reqularly sanitised. May's funeral will be recorded at the church at 12.00 on Tuesday 21st December. This HD film will be uploaded to this memorial website within hours of the funeral finishing. The service can be accessed by simply clicking the link that will appear on this memorial site. The order of Service can be viewed by clicking the link below: If for any reason the recording is missed or interrupted, have no fear, the funeral will be available via this site for at least 1 month.


Date: 21/12/2021
Time: 15:00
Frosty's Bar
Location: Kenton Rd, Harrow London HA3 9DW GB

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