1. Uncle Dolly
    You’ll forever be remembered by myself and family
    You are family and shall always be, remembering the good clip around the ear lol but hey the discipline worked nevertheless shall never forget your warm words of encouragement also you were firm but fair and transparent still.
    I still picture you working under or in the bonet of if not yours any car.
    A true gent and scholar west Ken’s uncle Dolly
    Love from Corey & Sam

  2. Uncle Dolphus I think you were probably the only other person I know who shared the same passion for fixing/maintaining cars as my dad, I remember many times listening to your car conversations even though It didn’t make sense at the time. You always stood out to me, as you were the only person to call me Junior. SIP Uncle

  3. Is it the little black girl from foster hall gully? Yes it uncle i will truly miss you. Who think the last time together be at my grandmothers funeral. I love you! Continue to SIP.

  4. Those we love never die they live on in our heart’s forever.
    I will always have very fond memories of uncle Dolphus
    Going on excursion to the seaside both our families, meeting up on Saturdays Around Julian ave fixing the cars, and family gatherings always lots of fun times had by all.

  5. Dearest Pauline and family. Our sincere condolences to you and everyone and remembering all the treasured memories spent with Dolphus being my dad’s good friend from Barbados. He will always be remembered and loved. May he Rest in peace.

  6. The bible says a good father leave an inheritance for his children’s children.
    That my uncle Dolphus, leaving an inheritance of good chatacter, integrity and love. My uncle’s presence filled a room, he never looked down on people and he gave everyone their due respect whether adult or child. I remember him being in Barbados at my home for family lunch and how he loved the kids and interacted with them all; he made sure that he made up for my dad’s absence knowing that he had passed years ahead and they didn’t know him but gave out so much to them. His intellectual understanding of past and current issues were perfound. His capacity to recall information and family events was just astounding, remembering whose kids were whom was just fantastic his generation of nieces and nephews here in Barbados, just wanting to know about their day to day lives, there school goals and endevours. His appreciation for them was felt with the gentleness of his words. He gave me such a sense of confidence about myself in own interactions; I could trust him his strength of words was reassuring. I remember being in England and he came down the passage and said to me “you are a pastor.” He bought a black dress that I have to this day. He came to Barbados and later asked me “Are you a pastor yet?” I replied and said “yes.” I had gotten ordained in the black dress he gave me.
    I remember our last face to face conversation, he had came home for Aunty Nita’s funeral it was the 28th of Nov 2019. I remembered this as my uncle had such a good memory that he was able to call the name of places and people with such percesion so I couldn’t forget the date at all. We sat and just talked; that’s one thing, I could let my hair down with him as he listened to me and I to him as he spoke about the family here and abroad, the nieces and the grans, everyone’s accomplishments that he saw as a blessing and also my cousin Lauralee being a lawyer as he was so proud and excited for her and that. I am grateful. He didn’t know her but he took her into his house as his own and that’s the kind character my uncle had.
    He always said he loved me and that I knew for sure. His actions and his words were aligined. Anyone called, he would always say tell Jackie I love her and without a shadow of a doubt I loved him. He was special and more than an uncle, he was my friend. I will miss him.
    Jacquline Phillips

  7. A great friend, mentor and so loving was u Adolphus
    Will.b greatly missed.from visiting with us whenever u came hime to Bdos. That we wouldnt share that comaraderie we had over a dinner and a light beverage. May and Rise in Glory with all d Saints

  8. Dearest Auntie Pauline and Family,

    I want to send my condolences and let you know…I’m thinking of you at this extremely difficult time.

    I will always remember Uncle Dolphus with fond memories, as we shared so many memorable times together.

    You have been our much loved family friends for many, many years and you know Grandma and Grandad would have been shoulder to shoulder with you during this difficult time.

    I’m so sorry for your lose…Uncle Dolphus will be truly missed!

    Lots of love always from Sacha Yarde. Xx

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss and give my deepest condolences to this beautiful family. May God give you all peace that passes all understanding, peace that only He can give.

  10. My condolences to the entire Murray family.May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  11. To my dear Uncle.
    The one I love so much. I realized the Lord loves you more, you have received your heavenly crown. I am glad I had the opportunity to tell you I love you and I truly miss you. You have given me GREAT! memories of you, especially the ones where we laughed together. RIP Uncle.
    From your niece Hazel and the family ❤❤❤

  12. Adolphus my brother-in-law who I will always remember the laughter the voice and the conversation. Blessed husband to my sister and blessed father to their children so many memories we will always remember you and remember your words carry on RIP in heaven.

  13. My thoughts are with the Murray Family, I will never forget the kindness you showed me when you came and boarded up the holes in the kitchen for me and the lovely vegetables that came from your allotment blessed hands that looked after the soil that produced such tasty veg, just can’t put into words what a lost for your loving family, you will be missed deeply but we will share the memories day by day, sleep in eternal peace all our love –
    The Lawrence Family

  14. Dearest Dolphus. We were so very sad to hear of your passing. What an amazing, wise, funny, and vibrant character you were. We have very fond memories of you and you are and will always be sadly missed. Always in our hearts and minds. Lots of love to you all. The Jordan Family. ♥️♥️

  15. Uncle “Dolly” as you was affectionately known was a man who was always cheerful and upbeat. No matter where he saw me, or who I was with, he would always go out of his way to greet me. Even though we were not blood, he would treat me as one of his own. Full of encouragement, many words of wisdom and letting me know if I had taken off too much or put on too much weight (LOL). With your trademark cap, and a love of cars, you will be sorely missed by your family and those who have come to consider you as such. Many thanks for the fond memories and teaching us how it is important to make time for one another.

    Uncle Dolly…rest in peace and enjoy a glass of Basian rum for me.

    Wayne & the rest of the Jones’s.

  16. You will be missed. You made me feel so welcome, always. Have a rum for me, until I see you again x

  17. Dad you will always be in our heart and thoughts, you welcomed us into your life the day we met you.

    Sleep in Eternal Peace ❤️

  18. My uncle was a very good man, he was a loving husband and father, he will be greatly missed, with love from Sonia and family from Barbados

  19. Mr Dolphus (that’s our name), so sorry to hear of your passing, who am I going to look forward to seeing in Northend Road winding me up as you did?. You will be truly missed, you were a man of integrity, caring, steen when needed to be but always did in love. Sending my love to all the family, children, grand and great grandchildren.
    Love and hugs from Susan and family – Holders

  20. Uncle Dolphus

    You treated me like a son a member of the family. I will always remember this and your dedication to family. Rest in peace.

  21. Uncle
    I know that even though your gone, your still here with us, in petals of the flowers that are growing the fruit that bloom in the season in the shade of the giant tree that we dearly love. R.I.P Uncle Dolphus

  22. May your soul rest in peace our dearest neignbour Mr Murray. We will miss your kindness warm smile and lovely presence in our building our life.
    May you rest eternally in peace. with love your memory remain
    Feriel &Djamel

  23. Dad,
    from the first day Ma invited me round for Sunday dinner after Church you took me in
    Welcomed me into your home and treated me like I was one of your own. You gave me words of wisdom and scoled me just like a father would his daughter you packed me up with salad you grew from the allotment. You and Ma were to peas in a pod. I’m gonna miss seeing you tinkering with your car bumping into down North End Road, having a drink, chat and a good laugh. Love you DadR.I.P

  24. Adolphus is my cousin from my maternal side. My family have always esteemed him as important. His opinion always mattered. My daughter and I visited the UK and him and his wife and children laid out the red carpet for us and treated us extremely well.
    Thank you from the Smith and Riley family. RIP couz,

  25. I will miss seeing you up the North end rd Market . You would spot me a mile away & always had a smile and time for a chat. A lovely man RIP Mr Murray. Xx

  26. I don’t think I ever called you Mr Murray it was always dad.I would often see you down the North End Road and hail dad and you will turn and give me that infectious smile and warm greeting. We would have our little chat about the rock and our next visit there. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
    Myrna Roach ⚘

  27. My dear Dolphus you are so missed, you and your family are like a second family to me and I will be always grateful for many good memories and these will always be with me god bless x

  28. We want to send our condolences to the entire Murray family at this sad time. Mr Murray was a lovely man and will be missed. Praying for you all. Much love always The Christopher family xxx

  29. You will be truly missed I grew up with your whole family around my family busy working downstairs in the yard where we live we have lost a friend, family man, loving husband to Pauline bless to her and the rest of the family rest in peace ❤️

  30. Adolhus I will always remember the times we spent together when I was in the UK, I will never forget the things you and my belove sister your wife did to make me my beloved brother in law I will always remember you.May you rest in peace and rise in glory.Didton

  31. For a brother-in-law that will truly be missed great memories laughter RIP as you will always say carry on we try but you will never be forgotten

  32. Dogfoot you were a great husband and father.
    Sorry to hear you’re gone, but the Lord wanted you to come home.
    Those we love dont go away, they walk beside us everyday unseen,unheard but always near.
    God Bless
    Thelma Austin

  33. Having never met you in person. That being said blessed with the blessing of your daughter Beverley existing in my families life I know she came from a Royal cloth. Gratitude.
    May you rest in perfect peace Sir.
    Devine guidance and protection over your family x

  34. A great father that struggled in his upbringing and turned his life around. His resiliency led him down a path of success. His daughter recounts the family he provided for and the laughter they shared. May your soul rest in perfect peace

  35. You left the world the gift of your lovely children , grandchildren and great grandchildren .

  36. May your soul rest in perfect peace amen and may your spirit watch over your family till you meet again at the last day in glory amen

  37. Mr. Murray, my heart broke when l read about your passing. You were a ray of sunshine to everyone who knew you, your infectious smiles, warm cuddles, kindness and encouragement always. You’re truly missed but your memories will last a life time. Gone too soon. Rest in Peace. Marilyn.

  38. Dad
    I am holding back the tears today remembering you, those wonderful and precious years spent happily with you.
    And I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t give to see that loveable, familiar face that means so much to me.
    Just to spend a day with you and laugh with you again.
    Because, dear Dad, since you’re now gone, life will never be the same

    Love you forever dad xx

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  1. One of Oliver's happy places was in his allotment. So, instead of flowers Oliver's family request that mourners kindly make a donation to 'Thrive', a charity who use gardening to bring about positive changes in the lives of people living with disabilities or ill health, or who are isolated, disadvantaged or vulnerable.
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