1. Happiest Heavenly 90th Birthday dearest Daddy, Grandad .. you looked forward to this birthday so much, enjoy it together with your heavenly family of loved ones and we’ll remember and celebrate with you here in our own way xx ️

  2. Deepest sympathies to Anna and gracey on passing of your dad paul,fond memories of paul when he visited john in ballybay,carmel and paul would be busy in kitchen,we all remember his curry beautiful they were,may he rest in peace

  3. My sympathies Anna & Grace & extended family at this time. Some beautiful memories are being shared, lovely to have and treasure. May Paul rest in peace, knowing how much he is loved.

  4. I remember that your dad, uncle Paul, Louis, had a special bond with our Grandma (some might say that he was her favourite…). When your dad left Malaysia in the early 60s grandma would always talk of him and how much she missed him. She had his photo in her room amongst her religious statues and artifacts. I used to write often to your dad and silly me told him how much grandma missed him and how she used to always look sad. When I left for England in 1971 I told grandma I’ll give him a big hug from her. When your dad left for the UK the whole family saw him off in Singapore when he set sail and I remember the ship was called Genoa. The streamers were thrown down from the passengers on board on the deck and the people below held on to them until the ship set sail and the ribbons of streamers broke. We all sobbed and waved madly. I can remember this so vividly. I must have been about 10 or 12 years old at that time…. a moving but lovely memory . Rest now in peace Uncle.

  5. Some lovely memories of your annual visits to Rosemount, from the spicey curries to the tales from the 86′ world cup.
    Rest in peace Paul.

  6. Like many others, I will remember Paul for his cooking and famous curries, Grace reminded me of the ribs today, delicious!!! He had bundles of energy and was never still for too long. He was considerate and would literally have given you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Rest in Peace Paul.

  7. Dear Anna, my sincere condolences to you and yours at this time. Sending you my heart ❤ felt sympathy and unwavering support in each moment. God bless you and God be with your Daddy, he is closer than ever. Lots of love, peace and comfort now and forever X Carrol Ripley

  8. With deepest sympathy to all of Paul’s family, may he rest in peace, tishy and all the Byrnes, Athlone.

  9. My brother, sister snd I wish Anna, Grace and all close family , a peaceful time of gratitude for Uncle Louis’s life. He was always very active, unable to sit still! I recall his always , unfailingly, ringing my dad to wish him a v happy birthday as they shared the same birthday. I believe he always thought of his brothers and sisters and missed them.
    Thank you too , for welcoming , so warmly, Mum and Dad when they visited you in your seriously spotless flat in Acton, one could eat off the floors!
    Rest in peace, enjoy your reunion in Heaven with your siblings and parents.
    We will think of you with a glass of whisky in your hand.

  10. Dear Anna, Grace & Xavier

    We are sorry for your loss and our prayers are with all of you. It is loss for all.
    Please know that Uncle Paul had a generous heart and always had a hot meal ready for his family when we visited him. He would also always accompany us back to our hotel..eventhough Warwick & I are in our 60s.
    Till we meet again Uncle Paul, May you rest in peace.

    Philomena, Veronica & Warwick

  11. Our deepest condolences to you and your family on your beloved father’s passing.
    May dear Louis rest in eternal peace.
    We have so many fond memories of your dad & his hospitality when we visited London in the early years.
    We visited Louis and Anna and Grace’s mum when the girls were still very young.
    Louis cooked delicious dhal curry with cauliflower & prawns. That dish is still in my head until today.
    He even put up our family of 6 and Uncle Clement in his Acton home in 1985! Such great memories for all of us. We are so grateful for the love he showed us. We will pray for his soul.
    Sending all of you our love.
    Anne Soosay.

  12. Dear Anna & Grace & family
    Myself & my family were so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear dad. From the time I arrived in London in the 60s and throughout the years spending time together when you were kids. I have so many lovely memories of our families together. My thoughts and prayers will be with you this coming week. May his soul rest in peace. Emily & family xx

  13. Dear Anna, Grace and extended family members. We are so sorry for the loss of your father Paul. Although I had not seen Paul in recent years, I will remember him with fondness on his many visits to Moate over the years. Paul was so proud of you and his grandchildren, and I know how much he meant to you and your families.
    We are thinking of you and sending our love and prayers.

    What we once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us.
    Rest in peace Paul.

  14. Deepest sympathy to Anna and Grace. Paul was a lovely man who I met many times during my youth up at Keanes House, my second home as a child. Deepest sympathies from all the Nally family, Jim, Bunny, Helen, Jacqui, Jamie and Claire xx

  15. Paul will always be remembered for the many times he visited Ireland from his younger days when Anna and Grace came to us in Rosemount for the summer holidays to his latter days when he made sure to visit his many his friends in Rosemount. Paul loved doing chicken curry when home and they were always tasteful even if a bit hot !! Paul loved cooking and always had to wash up after!!
    He was most welcoming when visiting his home in Acton where he couldn’t do enough for you –He often gave up his own bed for visitors. He was so proud of all his family members and would do anything for them-especially Anna and Grace
    He had great aspirations of winning the pools promising us all great things when he did –He had the best of intentions but alas his wishes never came through

    Paul is now at rest in heaven with family members gone before him. Paul May you Rest in Peace
    Jimmy and Mary

  16. Condolences to all the family thinking of you all at this sad time may he rest in peace Amen x

  17. Dear Uncle Paul

    May you be at peace.

    You lived a very active life and made good use of every waking hour. Never one to sit still and that kept you very sprightly.

    You loved London and your home town of Acton. When you visited us in Basingstoke, you always reminded me that our bed (a floor above your bedroom) was always squeaking!!! In addition, you had a passion for rearranging my pot plants in our garden….Feng Shui, Uncle Paul style!!

    You were always out and about in Basingstoke when you visited us, too. The unfamiliar area didn’t trouble you.

    It was good to sit with you outside in the sun a few days before you passed on to better things. You enjoyed feeling those sun’s rays on your face.

    Safe travels, Uncle Paul.

  18. Chicken curry and fried Chinese vegetables were always on the table to greet me when I visited Uncle Paul. Also, with white, steaming rice. Those meals always tasted so good!

    Uncle was the local rag n bone man, never wasting anything and always finding a use for anything to beautify his home.

    He was an incessant Bingo player with The Sun newspaper and I remember going to collect the paper from the corner shop. He had numerous Bingo cards!

    If you needed to catch a bus in London, U Paul would be spot on with the appropriate route and bus number, but, contrary to his knowledge of buses, Uncle walked everywhere at a brisk pace!

    Uncle’s home was always neat and tidy. Everything had its place and he was very house-proud.

    Uncle would always remind me that he cared for me when I was an infant-this was just a gentle reminder to respect him.

    In his latter years, Uncle Paul would spend a lot of time with the Church and St Vincent de Paul, attending to the elderly folk as a befriender. He was a devout Catholic.

    Finally, my Uncle had a wall in his bedroom that was like a shrine…..filled with photographs of his immediate and extended families. He loved his family very much, indeed.

    In my mind, Uncle Paul is with his father, my Dad and all my Uncles at The Station Bar in Johore Baru, where he is being welcomed.

    It’s your round, Louis!…and everyone is happy.

  19. My Dearest Uncle Paul, was always very kind to my mom, dad, my bros, wife Helen and daughter Gloria.

    He was the friendliest of people you will ever meet always ever ready to give you a helping hand. Yes he was also a man very skilled with his hands always helping us to fix things around the house in Singapore like his dearest older brother our Uncle Xavier too.

    As a child Uncle Paul and his family visited us in Singapore for the very first time after his voyage to London. I remember the excitement and fun we all had with the family reunion. Anna and Grace who were very little then were his pride and joy.

    I also visited UK as a young man and stayed with him and then after getting married, I stayed with him again with my wife Helen and our daughter Gloria a baby then. Uncle Paul as usual would not let us venture out alone without him being there with us all the way from doorstep to London and back to Acton his home.

    He was always very caring and concern for our safety. He was a solid guy with a gentle soul and always very street smart.

    Again when our daughter Gloria visited London as an undergraduate from Melbourne for holidays, her dearest Granduncle Paul picked her up at Waterloo and they went home for dinner and spent time with Gena and little Xavier then. He made it a point to send her back to the train station to Basingstoke where she was staying with her Uncle Gigi’s family.

    This is an Uncle that always discharged all his duties not just out of obligation but of true care, concern and love for his family and extended family and everyone he met.

    Helen and I booked our tickets earlier this year hoping to see Uncle Paul one more time, but we were not so lucky this time as he passed on before our visit in May this year.

    Although it pains us not to have seen him one more time in UK, we managed a video call recently with Uncle and my mom her dearest sister Anna, with Anna and Grace by his side. He acknowledged us with a gentle smile and we found some closure indeed.

    Also my brothers and I are very thankful to our sibling GiGi for always being there for our Uncle Paul and doing what he could for Uncle when he visited him regularly.

    My mom and dad loved him dearly and always encouraged him to make a life in UK and he certainly did it with all his energy and soul. Blessed to always have his beautiful daughters Anna and Grace supporting and helping him throughout and later with his son little Xavier, he was a very happy proud Dad, who lived life to the fullest.

    God Bless Our Dearest Uncle Paul’s Soul. May he Rest In Peace and be with his family in Heaven!

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