1. Dear Paul, I miss our weekly chats on the phone and the visits pre: Covid. All the happy years we all spent together in Woodhurst Drive. A truly inspirational man with a great sense of humour , I was always smiling after a visit to Paul.
    At peace now. X

  2. I have very fond memories of Paul going back back to my childhood, of joint family holidays spent in Menorca and over the decades since I rennet his constant humour and his great friendship with my mum x

  3. Growing up, Uncle Paul would spend many holidays staying with us at home in West Sussex, using the time to ‘bronze’ himself in the garden, playing the scratch cards you got free with the Daily Mail, and having loud and excitable conversations with anyone that came to the house. He had an infectious laugh and magnetic personality that meant my school friends would check they knew when Uncle Paul was coming to stay and look forward to visiting our house – being given a couple of his favourite mint humbugs and some life advice, always delivered with a funny story.

    Uncle Paul would ask for a piece of bread with his dinner (he said it would ‘bind’ the food) – being the last one to finish his meal because he was chatting away, laughing and having a great time and I always felt he had an amazing knack of bringing a party atmosphere to any occasion, whether it be eating together round the table at home on a Tuesday night or a large family get together.

    His unwavering positive attitude to life and ever present singing, jokes and generosity will be my lasting memories of Uncle Paul. He truly was one of a kind.

  4. Very fond memories of Paul laughing and joking with my Mum and Dad whenever they met up. Lovely and kind person. He will be missed x

  5. I have many happy memories of being with Uncle Paul.
    One of the earlier ones is of him and Dad trying to help with my math homework and revision. The jokes seemed to make it easier!!
    Since I moved to NZ, I always phoned Uncle Paul every couple of months. It was always good to hear his cheery Hello and catch up with Family news.
    On our trips home, we visited Uncle Paul on the way to and from mum’s. He liked to hear about our travels and I enjoyed being in his company.
    I will miss him.

  6. Coming to Sainsburys with me (Marilyn) in Sussex when he visited. Paul used to sit in the car while I went in and did the shopping. He had his Daily Mail to read till I got back, he was very patient.

  7. Meeting at Susan’s house every year for Paul’s birthday with many of his friends and family there.

  8. Meeting at Susan’s house every year for Paul’s birthday, with many of his friends and family there. Graham and Marilyn Stapleton

  9. Friday night “wine making” evenings. (Note how wine making is in quotes – that says it all!) What a good time we all
    had with Paul always managing to make us all laugh with his sometimes “wonky” but always amusing points of view on life. Miss chatting to him as he always made me feel better.

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