1. I always enjoy being around you. You’re so kind, friendly, loving, down to earth. I’m so proud to have you as my uncle. You’re amazing I will always carry the memories we had together with me. I love you so much Uncle Seun. Thank you for being there for me. I will miss your smile and bubbly personality. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Seun
    Heart of gold
    Shy and yet necessarily bold
    You taught me deep skills
    And helped us to overcome all ills
    Now my teacher and friend has departed
    So you leave us to continue growing the seed you have started
    You will always be in my soul
    Rest in peace you will leave in my heart a very large hole

    Thank you professor

  3. Seun, Shy! This is what it’s like when I know someone for three years and feel I’ve always known them. I was anticipating with joy and relishing thoughts of many more moments shared in brotherly love. I am happy to shed sad tears like an artist who runs out of paint before the picture in my mind is fully set to canvas. Then I hear your family and friends speak of you and Ishmael and I realise that fresh supplies are here. So yes I’m happy to be sad, but Shy, you keep on making me smile. Thank you for you Shy. You beautiful man of Love. Peace be unto you brother.

  4. Seun… some things I remember about you…
    You weren’t 47 “noooo” you never went a day over “35”.
    You had such magnificent presence and positive e-motion (energy in motion), an intoxicating smile and playful nature.
    You were naturally a teacher and longed to be a father.
    While it was a brief time here in this lifetime, it was FULL of LIFE!
    You lived your passion, experienced falling in love, fathered a son and surrounded yourself with magnificent people, and wonderful growth experiences.
    The vibrations you emitted (and still do) travelled far and wide, contagiously penetrating family, friends, acquaintances and audiences alike.
    You believed in one love and blessed many with deep, judgement-free conversation about positive thinking, the power of the universe, god, spirituality, beliefs and exploration of the true self.
    It is my belief that in that one love you have not left us, that you have transitioned back to the source of the true self, blessing us all with a little piece of your energy, where we keep you alive in our memories.
    Thank you Seun for being the beautiful spirited soul that you are, for our paths crossing, our lessons learned, our conversations had, thoughts shared, tears cried, our smiles that turned to laughter, the honesty, respect, compassion and the true integrity of the relationship we shared.
    And, thank you for the opportunity for the time we spent together in the London summer of 2019. I’m so, so grateful that we got to talk, laugh and hang out that one last time. Blessed!

  5. We met whilst studying Acting in Manchester. I had travelled from London, feeling uncertain and nervous. I remember hearing you laughing on the steps of Capitol it was infectious. This London boy! Seun! You being there encouraged me so much. You supported and gave me so much advice.Your energy touched everyone and I was grateful to work with you later on.
    Seun Shote, mischief maker, kind hearted, father, brother,son. Thank you. May you rest in your power.

  6. What an amazing & unique man! I still can’t believe it but God had other plans for your greatness. I’m so blessed to know you & work with you for years! Your spirit & talent is still unmatched. We talked, we laughed so much! You lifted me & held me up even when you didn’t k ow you were doing that. May your legacy live on in your son, through your work & all the people you touched with your special spirit. Blessings to your family (you felt like family to so many people too) I love & miss you but I have soooo many memories to celebrate. Thank you for everything. Love always, Yozz. xxx

  7. I’ve been acting for over 25 years. Seun is the only man I’ve met at work that has gone on to be a real true friend. The best of men.

  8. I don’t know what to say.Seun is like a son .Seun and my son Peter Ologun are childhood friends.

  9. I met Seun on a stage, and I will always remember him in this magic space called theatre. Talented, strong, kind, generous, handsome. Smiling… The last time I saw him I was in the audience, in awe of him in one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, Cyrano de Bergerac at the Playhouse Theatre in West End. I was so proud to know him, to have worked with him. He will be in our hearts and prayers forever. My deepest condolences to his family.

  10. I am glad we met last year after decades. You will be greatly missed.
    RIP bro.

  11. I am glad we met last after decades. You will be greatly missed.
    Rest on bro.

  12. You are a gem, raregem. You went so soon. You’re more than a brother-in-law, you are jovial, humble and friendly rip

  13. My dear friend..we laughed so much Seun, about everything and nothing…..wonderful talented man…..real friend, my scene thief……my playground buddy, my takeaway companion……my giggleartos sillynesses…… Seun was like one of my Gumley School girls….. When they came up to see Twelfth Night in Nottingham he had them all laughing like fools in the bar post show…. I had to tell them all off! Everyone is looking…..why are you laughing like a hyenas!!! I will miss that laugh!

  14. Seun’s beautiful smile which welcomed me into capoeira from day one will always stay with me and his amazing patience and kindness. He always brightened up our home on his visits to north london and his positive energy always lifted us. I was lucky enough to see him perform a few times and always blown away by his talent. We will miss you dear friend but will always be grateful for the beautiful memories that will always make me smile. Alia x

  15. Seun is and always will be my soul mate in life and death. He was the reason I moved to London and was the catalyst for so much brilliance that followed. He always showed up for me when my dad passed and whenever the chips were down he’d be there mopping up the mess and telling me ‘You always land on your feet chica!’ We caught each others falls and celebrated each others elevations. Endless Love for my Baba. xxxx

  16. You will never be far from my thoughts. You never were. So glad we met! The one and only Seun Shote! You’ll be greatly missed. Rest in peace. Xxx

  17. Uncle Seun it still feel like a dream I miss you so much …you showed me what an uncle is like and so grateful to have such an awesome memories with you …I love you so much …I can’t forget that hug you gave me on the 2/3/2021 …keep resting King

  18. Gone to soon my dear Seun but God knows best. Thank you for leaving me a voice message that I am able to play to hear your voice. You are missed RIP.

  19. I’m trying to be you right now Seun, but you made it look so much easier than it is. Trying to find a positive angle on you leaving is near on impossible. You were everything to everyone. Your light always brighter than any screen or stage had room for. Your gifts were never learnt, they were simply the essence of your soul. A soul that managed to ensure everyone you met, felt special. You can’t be replaced, 1000 contacts in a phone aren’t worth your one number. Thank you. Love you eternally.

  20. I worked with Seun on ‘Twelfth Night’ in Nottingham, and what a privilege it was! I will always remember Seun as such a beautiful soul and shining light, and will always be grateful for the time we spent together. Thank you Seun for the laughter, teaching me capoeira, and for all the fun and joy. May you be in heaven surrounded by boundless light. Sending prayers and love to all the family.

  21. I met Seun after watching him in The Segull. We met by chance. He showered me with kindness, compassion, love and generosity. He restored my faith in humanity and myself at a time when I was struggling and feeling lost. He reignited my inner strength to go after whatever my heart desired encouraging me not to quit acting and to persue my dream of being a jobbing actor.
    I will be forever changed because of his positivity and shining soul. I feel truly blessed that our paths crossed he has had a HUGE impact on me and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to have known him. Thankyou Seun. May you continue to shine brightly in all our hearts and memories. Much love xxxx

  22. I met Seun on my very first job out of drama school at the National’s Death and the Kings Horseman. He was always so ready to laugh and make others laugh with that great big smile of his. So full of life and energy. The joy we shared on that job has stayed with me. Although we never got to work together again, he was always supportive and willing to share his experiences. A true friend.

  23. A photo with Seun and both our little boys at his birthday party in a park. A happy occasion and one memory of many spending time with Seun.

  24. I met Seun through Capoeira and I remember straightaway that he had a great warmth of character and built rapport with everyone easily. He had an energy that was infectious and always lifted the mood of everyone. He became a great friend and we worked on some film projects together and one thing I remember is that he always made the effort to come and visit my family home in North London every single time, he was invited. Seun is someone, I will always remember not just a great friend but someone who inspired me.

  25. It has been really, really hard to digest the passing of our beloved Seun. I remember meeting him at college, Westminster Kingsway many moons ago.. From those days, Seun just had the biggest smile and positive outlook on life. Seun’s friends become mine and visa versa.. From there on..We laughed, we raved, we listened to music and we reasoned. As the years have progressed and we have grown, I have been so proud of Seun’s acting career.. It has been an absolute pleasure and inspiration to see him on stage and screen. Suen – YOU will never be forgotten in our hearts and minds. Love always – Camille and Family XXX

  26. I worked with Seun on Twelfth Night in Nottingham, and have such fond memories of working with him. He was warm, kind, funny, a great actor, friend and cast member. I remember him always sticking up for us in spite of the (sometimes tetchy) relationship with the playhouse. We had a great run together and I always thought our paths would cross again some day. Rest easy until that day comes brother. Love and respect always, and condolences to the family at this heartbreaking time ❤️

  27. I first met Seun at the recording of a radio play called Preserved of God. It was a pleasure witnessing his special energy. He is sorely missed.

  28. Seun is everybody’s man, his a huge force for good, now gone from the world.
    His power lay not only in his acting but in the wealth of his overwhelming compassion and forgiveness for those around him.
    His so compassionate and never judge you for your mistakes, am going to miss a prince, my blood and brother, who always cover my back for me, with love and affection of a brother.
    I still find it very difficult to believe am not going to see him again, his last periods with him is full of memories I will cherished through out my life and will forever remember him.
    Rest On Brother. Oluwaseun Babafemi Adisa omo Shote

  29. I met Seun recently for just a few days on his visit to Nigeria. He was such a gentleman and a delight. He talked so much about his Son and his son’s mum. We even called them. He relished and appreciated our hospitality. And was such fun to chat with. We even joked about getting a wife for him. Just a few days spent together and he impacted my kids and I. Just reminds us all how transient life is. God bless your soul. It is well Darling. You are sorely missed.

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