To get up and running simply select one of the license packages below. “Buy Now” enables license purchase OR facilitates a FOC trial. Both will open your bespoke Dashboard. Here, you will need to complete your profile data (once only) and upload your logo.

Your client’s contact details, and, background information for the deceased is entered via a flexible template and data can be amended and accessed at any time in the future.

Once submitted the rest is automated and you are GOOD TO GO!  

Subscription packages

  • Free

    One time payment

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  • 1 license

    One time payment

    Per user

  • 10 licenses

    One time payment

    £39 per user

  • 25 licenses

    One time payment

    £29.99 per user

Please Note Incremental discounts are available for higher volume purchases. Please contact Clearmems HELP for immediate assistance. Prices for any Video/photo montage, streaming services or premortem filming is available on application.