Creating memories that will never be forgotten.

About Clearmems

The inspiration behind Clearmems came about, sadly, following the passing of Steve’s father in April 2020. 

A Rotarian and successful local businessman, friends and former colleagues were keen to show their respects. He was thought of fondly and attendance at the funeral was limited.

The undertaker provided details of a testimonial website to the family, however, there were a number of issues with this third party offering.

Later on, Steve discussed this with his friend and business partner Chris whose media knowledge took the Clearmems proposition to a new and unique level; to offer a suite of value-added solutions designed specifically for Funeral Directors, which: 

• Reduce costs whilst optimising performance and maximising reach.
• Enhance existing services as well as  providing  innovative video/photo montages as a lasting positive memory of the deceased.
• Open new revenue streams.

A single easy to use platform which allows the immediate family to addresses the practical needs of the ‘extended’ family quickly and effectively.  

About Chris

Chris attended Medway College of Design and the University of London. Qualifications in TV Studies and Visual Communication, inevitably led to a career in the BBC. He worked in Production and Film Editing on a diverse range of programmes from Breakfast Time to Blue Peter. 

Recognised as an acclaimed videographer, Chris struck out independently as a Director of Localbuzz Media Network in 2012. This innovative community based web portal and TV company delivered multiple media solutions including  event streaming and promo-video. 

Chris lives in West London with his wife and son. He is tech fan and NLP Master Practitioner.


About Steve

Completing his BA Hons (Law) degree he moved into IT Sales and Management  working for companies such as Dell, EMC and Cisco Systems. Subsequently he spent a number of years in business consultancy advising and developing web based commercial solutions in a number of market verticals including media. Recently he has engaged in this vertical directly as both a journalist and videographer. 

Steve lives in West London with his wife and daughter. He is a sports fan and NLP master practitioner.

Strangest advice received: Never trust atoms; they make up everything.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West