1. RIP William – You lived your life to the fullest and now you have in the safe hands of the lord.

  2. I know “… every little thing gonna be alright…”; but, miss you calling me “Twin”! No more worries, Rest in Everlasting Peace Bro!

  3. R.I.E.P. William (Smokes) May God make peace with your Soul. Gone but not forgotten

  4. Uncle William,
    All of the teachings of mathematics, physics and especially the African culture within music and history will stay in my heart forever. You always gave me motivation to reach higher and you probably never even realised. Even if we haven’t seen eachother in years you’d still welcome me in with open arms with a smile on your face with you laughing at my jokes and thoughts . You always cared for me like how I admire your photography, poetry & music which I never knew we had in common and your famous strong opinions ✊ plus so much more to cover a book.
    I will always love you Uncle William ❤

  5. R.I.E.P

    My cuz William was truly loved by all who knew him he was such a funny, loving, helpful, caring person kind he would help anybody who needed help without hesitation he loved taking pictures u alway’s saw william with his camera around his neck. Heaven has gained another precious angel. Can’t believe you’ve gone cuz gone 2 miss u at Acton Carnival & Nottinghill Carnival. May u R.I.E.P. Bye Bye sweet dream till we meet again…..

    My condolences 2 my cuz William entire family & friend’s my prayers & thoughts goes out 2 u all. When someone we love passes away we ache but we go on our dear departed would want us 2 heal after they are gone. Grief is a normal way 2 mend the anguish & pain in our hearts. We need time 2 remember & time 2 mourn before the recovery starts. Let’s draw together 2 recuperate as we go through this period of sorrow let’s help each other with tender care 2 find a brighter tomorrow. May ur heart & soul find peace & comfort may the blessings of love be upon u may its peace abide with u. May its essence illuminate ur heart now & forever more. Hold tight 2 memories 4 comfort lean on ur family & friend’s 4 strength & always remember how much u are cared about. Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day unseen unheard but always near still loved still missed & very dear. Those we love remain with us 4 love itself lives on & cherished memories never fade. Because a loved one’s gone those we love can never be more than a thought apart 4 as long as there is memory they’ll live on in the heart. Gone but will certainly not be 4 gotten…..
    May u R.I.E.P Cuz…..

    Let Say A Pray 4 william

    Dear Lord please comfort those in grief
    Love them lift them give relief
    4 loss they’ve suffered sadness felt
    Make this sorrow slowly melt.

    Lord let happy memories ease
    Creating peace like a gentle breeze
    & as u help them make it through
    Draw them closer lord 2 u.


    May he Rest In Eternal Peace

    L ve – Cuz Cheryl & Family…..

  6. Smokes we are all going home to the father one by one. Rest in peace in your resting place the father has prepared for you.
    Until we meet again good bye for now.
    Memories live on.

  7. I remember on one of his trips to Carriacou and he stayed by his grandma Tan Linny as we called her and my mom Veda worked there. We developed a friendship even though he was many years my senior and even as we grow older we stayed connected through facebook. His love for Carriacou was well known and he shared it openly. When Mt. Pleasant Government School was undergoing some repairs I reached out to him and he did make his contribution. Rest in Peace.

  8. Uncle William your love for music and poetry is truly amazing. I think there is love for music truly in our family.
    Today was amazing your legacy lives on through your love for music. My mother Anne introduced me to your first album that was produce in 1979 way before my time on earth of course. It is honour to say you were my Uncle William AKA Smokes. We say goodbye today but your memories your teachings and your lively debates live on. Till we meet again Rest in Paradise your nephew Lemian Mark ❤️❤️
    Click on the link below to listen to my Uncle William amazing talent for music and poetry

  9. William my brother my special tribute from Grenada with Love
    Love you Always Little sister Anne

  10. William my brother you captured moments I never knew existed. I admire your passion and love for your camera. These special moments by the Grace of God will last a lifetime. I promise your passion for your camera will not be in vain. As I sit on the terrace in Grenada waiting to see our dear mother. I watched your last day and proud to say my brother was amazing man. Even thou I was not there I send a special tribute to you “Paradise is Waiting”
    In your last days you introduced me as your baby sister.
    Love you Always your baby sister Anne

  11. Landing in Heathrow. My first time in the U.K Fresh off a redeye flight, there he was. Uncle William, stick in hand, cap on head, he was ready to make a move. Greeting me as if we had met many times before he casually asked me “how was the journey?”. Not knowing he was the “cool” uncle just yet, I replied “It was good, slept most of the way”. In actuality I had been downing vodka and cranberry the entire trip there.
    After hearing “mind the gap”, Uncle William and I boarded the tube toward Acton Town. As I carried my two overstuffed suitcases full of excitement and anxiousness, Uncle William began explaining to me the day we had ahead. It became instantly clear that Uncle William was here for a good time and a good laugh. Over the next few weeks and months I spent studying abroad in London, uncle William became someone I could go to whenever. Opening up his home to his sister’s son, Uncle made it clear that I was welcome. Whether it was as simple as watching the news, eating my first full English breakfast, taking the train from Kings Cross out to Huddersfield, having one too many pints at “The Harp”, trips to Sainsburys, criticizing British politics, or me pretending to understand the whole Brexit fiasco, Uncle William and I were able to build a bond that I am forever grateful for in just a few short months. Just like myself, Uncle William was headstrong. But what I found was that if you truly listened to the messaging underneath all his words, you’d come to find most everything he said to be valuable. Thank you, Uncle William for welcoming me into your home with open arms teaching me to be unwavering in my word and living life to the fullest.

  12. In memory of William Simon, though I’ve never met you but Pauline always spoke warmly of you and know that you will be sadly missed by all who knew you. May you rest in peace.

  13. I have heard about William through his sister, my cousin Pauline. William was dear to her. She spoke of about his carefree spirit and his love of music. May he rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

  14. William was a lovely man always making people laugh you going to be missed so much god is lucky to have you rest in eternal peace William ️

  15. William, I read all the beautiful things that have been said about you. An interesting thing stood up in my mind…your love for Music. In the program the song Three Little Birds stood out. I am learning to play the Steelpan. One of our songs is: Three Little Birds. As I practise, I will think of you. Rest in Peace. Your Cousin Mona Walrond (nee Noel)

  16. As boys we played together in the garden of my parent’s home. As young men we talked about politics, and then, when we were a little older we talked about issues facing African people, which was where William’s heart was. William was a warrior in many ways and memories of his passionate words and laughter will remain with me and others for years to come. RIP William.

  17. Uncle William I still can’t believe your gone. We miss and love you so much, you will always be in our thoughts & prayers.Love you always and foreverRIP

  18. William you have touched so many people lives with your unique qualities as a person and captured so many of life’s moments through your camera. Always up for a good conversation that’s true,you will be truly missed and often thought of Rest In Peace

  19. My one and only brother I miss sweetie finding it hard that you gone. You were frightened for me when you told us that you were unwell but I was frightened for you. We had our ups and downs but that’s normal. It all comes back to love I will always miss and always love you RIEP sweet heart ❤

  20. William we go back a very long way. The group is getting smaller as one by one we take our leave. So many memories as youths growing up and later as adults and parents. You will be missed, physically as well as that unmissable voice in the crowd. So go in peace and love. I’m sure you’ll be having a few debates and arguments, so enjoy. Until we meet again.

  21. Dear William

    Thank you for being a special part of my life, for the lovely times, for your kindness, for the fun & excitement, for the reality, for being a first class protector.

    You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race.

    May you rest in perfect peace and rise in glory.

    Love you Judi

  22. Smokes last time I saw you was at my Mum’s funeral.

    You were a character and will be missed.

    Knew you from back in the day in Southall. Youth Wing, Park View, Lancaster Hall and Community Centre – the good old days, no problems.

    RIEP Smokes you will be entertaining everyone

  23. Well William, the day is nearly here when we say goodbye. It is only now that you have gone that I am realising what a huge impact you had on many people. The outpouring of grief has been overwhelming. Rest in peace big Brother! You are gone but will never be forgotten. Love, Pauline x

  24. RIEP Smokes. Glad I got to speak to you shortly before you’re passing. True warrior and always put a smile on my face. You will be missed dearly king.

  25. Gone to soon, may you RIP and rise in glory. “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday”

  26. Cuz, you will be surely missed. We always had a tendency to bump into each other at Grenadian events, as you were always a great supporter of those events. You would always greet me with a smile and we would happily chat. Rest in Peace William Simon.

  27. William’s sister Pauline is my cousin. I never got the opportunity to meet you. Pauline spoke and cared about you alot.She was very fond of you.You will be playing good music in God’s chosen band.You will be missed dearly. But one day you shall meet each other.
    May you rest in peace and rise in glory. Let light perpetual shine upon you and may your memories live on.

  28. Well Brethren we’ve travelled many roads, lands and paths together, you gone I must salute your stance as a soldier for tuths and rights over the decades; RIEP!!! Bless

  29. William was the cousin on my dad side who took me under his wing from an early age. His death has left a void that will not be filled. I will always remember his laugh, debates and caring nature which meant we would travel to any part of London and people would shout ‘smokes’. I have his pictures which give me comfort and I know he is now resting in peace. Love you cousin Will

  30. Smokes was kind and loving guy I never forget when he took photographs of my dads funeral he was known by my dad mr mahon aka coco tea who got on with him all the time he had jokes and smokes was a gentleman bless his heart you will be truly missed R.I.P smokes ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Found memories of a loving and supportive cousin May rest in eternal peace.

  32. I will always remember us growing up and attending Mt Pleasant Government School, You was very mischievous,Loved your views on Facebook you will be greatly missed RIP MY BROTHER

  33. You were an absolute unique cousin, you’ll be tremendously missed. I’ll miss the arguments in every conversation and the occasional expression of rage in the medium that you liked so much, followed by your signature telephone call “Hey Bentley, how are we and how is my family?” For you, no one else should upset your family.
    Such was the enormity of your love for your family.
    You’ll be tremendously missed and will always be remembered.
    May you forever rest in peace.

  34. I have very fond memories of my young cousin. We come from a very close family where we look after each other I remember when he was born. I sometimes wish we could the love and care we shared for each other would returned. But it remained just that’ ah dream>> he will be missed by our large extended family RIEP

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