1. “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation.” (Rumi)
    I am so sorry not to have been able to make the service today, but instead I have read through the ‘Order of Service’ and absorbed the wonderful memories people have written about Walodzia’s life. How loved Walodzia was and how inspiring to read about his early beginnings and the life he subsequently created. I thought about the few occasions I was lucky enough to meet him and I was always struck by his lovely smile and peaceful demeanour. Our dog, Bonny took such a shine to him, that she would hardly leave his side – which is unheard of when such a beautiful garden is in close proximity! You will be missed. Love Julia x

  2. I met Wladyslaw on a couple of occasions the last time when himself and Seraphina welcomed us with open arms and genuine lovely hospitality. He smiled a lot and impressed as an amazing gentleman. He showed us around his beautiful garden, people with that much love of nature never really us their memories are everywhere that nature blooms. Rest In Peace Wladyslaw x

  3. I wish I would have been able to see him more (living in Australia). But even still, he always gave us a wave, and a salute on Facetime. Here is a photo of him joining us to sing Happy Birthday to Finn last year for his 17th Birthday.

  4. A scene I think all of us have seen a lot – Grandad looking out the lace curtains into the garden.

  5. Some of my strongest memories of Grandad are associated with the sun. Being out in the garden, lounging on the sun beds, collecting crab-apples, picking strawberries, smelling flowers, running out the front door to get an ice-cream. When I was younger he would play with me in the garden and even as he got older he would never fail to come sit and watch us out there – either relaxed on a sun lounger with his straw hat or peering out through the window around the lace curtains. Grandad never spoke to us in great detail about everything that he had to persevere through to attain the life that he had with us and Grandma and Dad and Tony. But I distinctly remember him sitting Finn and I down in the conservatory (he sat in the floral green arm chair he loved) and telling us about what it was like for him growing up – working on a farm, riding in a horse-drawn cart – stories that seemed worlds away from his garden and armchair in Greenford. His life was truly one massive journey which touched the lives of so many of us.
    I’ll miss you grandad. All my love, Niamh xx

  6. We have so many good memories of Walodzia, having lived next door for some years. Walodzia was such a great neighbour and our kids are lucky to have known Serafina and him. They would run to the fence when they see him and Walodzia would stop to say hello. Serafina and Walodzia would invite them to their beautiful garden to pick strawberries. It had been such an assurance to know they were there when we were new to the place. We thank God for his life and pray for his soul. Rest in peace dear Walodzia.
    Shaji, Mincy, Kevin and Neha.

  7. So many fond memories of Uncle Walodzia, particularly of visiting Greenford as a child. Walodzia would hold court with tales of Belarus while offering my dad one of his home-made alcoholic concoctions; while for us kids there was always this exotic golden drink called Lucazade, thanks to his job! In 2008 my own kids, Jude and Callum, enjoyed the Hremiako hospitality when Len and Yvonne visited with Naimh and Finn.

    In his latter, quieter years, Walodzia was still a fixture of that Greenford sitting room, his place always in the seat next to the window, watching the TV news perhaps, or more likely the football. His voice may have stilled but we were still treated to glimpses of his humour. One time I greeted him with the words: ‘Ah Walodzia, how are you?’ ‘I’m still here,’ he replied without missing a beat. And in a way those words ring true – he is still here with us, as his spirit lives on and the heartfelt memories of him will always remain.

  8. Dad , you were a rock and inspiration to me. I hope to pass on the values you instilled in me to Finn and Niamh.

  9. Some of my fondest memories with grandad are when he used to show me around the garden. I know both of them put so much effort into the garden and it showed when you got to eat some of the fruit. The sweetest strawberries.
    Living in Sydney made it much harder to visit him, but that made it all the more special.
    Miss you.

  10. Yvonne and Len have told us often of the long and eventful life of Wsladyslaw and Seraphina together. We know a man so dearly loved will always be remembered.

  11. My enduring memory is of Wladyslaw’s generously welcoming me into the family with open arms, one could not ask for a more loving and kind father-in-law, despite me taking his beloved son and grandchildren to the other side of the world.
    It pains and saddens me not to be with you all at this time. I am reminded everyday of what a wonderfully honourable, hard working, generous and loving person you were as I see it everyday in your son Len- which I know is only possible because he learnt it from you. I have so many wonderful memories of introducing you to your amazing grandchildren and know you loved them dearly. Like them I will miss you. With deep affection Yvonne xxx❤️

  12. Len and Yvonne always talked about Wladyslaw and Serafina being such wonderful parents and grand parents, always so hospitable, warm and generous. I know Wsladyslaw will be sorely missed.

  13. I never met Wladyslaw, but I know his son Tony.
    Tony, I know how much you love your dad and how much he loves you. Your dad was a great man and he will be missed. ❤️

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Date: 07/09/2021
Time: 11:00
Greenford Cemetery Chapel
Location: Windmill Lane,, Southall London UB69DU GB

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